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[STORM-2963] Updates to - Storm - [issue]    Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-10-08, 19:51
[STORM-2306] Redesign Messaging Subsystem, switch to JCTools Queues and introduce new Backpressure model - Storm - [issue]
...Details in these documents:1) Redesign of the messaging subsystem doc discusses the new de...    Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-09-26, 03:58
Hadoop Contributor Meetup - Storm - [mail # dev]
...I can do a talk on the rework of threading,  messaging and backpressure  for 2.0 RoshanSent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneOn Friday, September 21, 2018, 8:37 AM, Bobby Evans  wrote:There is...
   Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-09-23, 08:19
[STORM-3205] Optimization in TuplImpl - Storm - [issue]
...Wrapping TuplImpl.values with Collections.unmodifiableList() turns out be very expensive. Its intention is obviously to check and prevent accidental tweaking TuplImpl once created. Given the...    Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-09-17, 20:02
Is the powered-by file in the Storm repository necessary? - Storm - [mail # dev]
...Having it in the site is sufficient IMO as well.     On Saturday, September 15, 2018, 4:16:05 AM PDT, Stig Rohde Døssing  wrote:    Hi,We have a f...
   Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-09-16, 10:49
Regarding releasing Apache Storm 2.0.0 - Storm - [mail # dev]
...Happy to see consensus in moving fwd with 2.0 soon. I will try to get a minor patch (STORM-3205) within 24 hours ... as it seems like it has potential to deliver a decent perf boost and ener...
   Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-09-14, 07:07
Question regarding Storm - Storm - [mail # dev]
...Perhaps you can try some things depending on how feasible they it is for your case:1- Try to design and deploy your topology to maximize communication within a worker process instead fo acro...
   Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-08-03, 03:09
[STORM-3100] Minor optimization: Replace HashMap<Integer, T> with an array backed data structure for faster lookups - Storm - [issue]
...Introduce CustomIndexArray: An array backed data structure to speedup HashMap<Integer, T> use cases in critical path. It needs to supported -ve indexing and a user defined (on construc...    Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-08-03, 02:40
[STORM-2945] Nail down and document how to support background emits in Spouts and Bolts - Storm - [issue]    Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-07-10, 04:16
[expand - 1 more] - Storm-Hive : lock acquiring problem - Storm - [mail # user]
...Great find. I agree with upgrading storm-hive to  newer hive. Maybe even  overdue.  Would be great if you can provide the PRs. Thanks Roshan Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneOn Tuesday, June 1...
   Author: Roshan Naik , 2018-06-12, 21:41