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[expand - 1 more] - Zookeeper client version used in Storm - Storm - [mail # user]
...Sounds good. Yes, 1.x-branch is for 1.2.x.Den fre. 21. sep. 2018 kl. 09.25 skrev Michal Koziorowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:> Hi,>>> I created issue for updating zookeeper clie...
   Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-21, 13:01
Transition from kafka 0.8 to 0.10 - Storm - [mail # user]
...The storm-kafka-client spout is a complete rewrite. The new spout storesoffsets in Kafka instead of Zookeeper, so you don't need to set anyZookeeper configuration. You will need to migrate y...
   Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-18, 05:45
[STORM-3197] Make StormMetricsRegistry a regular instance class rather than a static utility - Storm - [issue]
...Having the registry be a static utility makes fixing some issues harder than it should be. Preventing daemons from accidentally registering metrics for other daemons (STORM-3101) and flushin...    Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-17, 19:54
Companies Using Apache Storm Listing - XenonStack - Storm - [mail # dev]
...Hi XenonStack,Thanks. We'll update the site.Den tor. 13. sep. 2018 kl. 13.21 skrev XenonStack A Stack Innovator <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:> At XenonStack we use Storm for building real-ti...
   Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-16, 11:29
Is the powered-by file in the Storm repository necessary? - Storm - [mail # dev]
...Hi,We have a file in the Storm repository's /docs directory.There's also a powered-by file in the storm-site repo root, as well as ineach release directory.The storm-site root ...
   Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-15, 11:16
[expand - 1 more] - Regarding releasing Apache Storm 2.0.0 - Storm - [mail # dev]
...+1 to cut an RC.Here are a couple of PRs that could maybe go in (this one requires some changes,but we shoul...
   Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-11, 17:28
[STORM-3156] Remove the transactional topology API - Storm - [issue]    Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-11, 17:22
[STORM-3199] Metrics-ganglia depends on an LGPL library, so we shouldn't depend on it - Storm - [issue]
... introduced a dependency on metrics-ganglia, which depends on remotetea-oncrpc. This library appears to be licensed under LGPL.The Dropwizard ...    Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-10, 16:18
[STORM-3211] WindowedBoltExecutor NPE if wrapped bolt returns null from getComponentConfiguration - Storm - [issue]
...Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException    at org.apache.storm.topology.WindowedBoltExecutor.declareOutputFields(    at or...    Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-09-04, 15:22
[STORM-3204] Upgrade Dropwizard Metrics to 4.0.3 - Storm - [issue]
...Since we've removed metrics-ganglia, we can upgrade to the latest Metrics version. It has some fixes for Java 9+    Author: Stig Rohde Døssing , 2018-08-25, 11:24