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Updates to systemml website - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...Could someone please help to publish the latest version of the website. Imade a minor change to avoid linking to unreleased code from the downloadpage (link to git repository).Thanks-- Lucia...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2018-06-28, 13:36
Moving CI infrastructure to TravisCI - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...Hi All,Berthold has kindly worked on a PR to enable SystemML test suits to run onTravisCI have also created an infra jira to enable the builds to ...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2018-05-21, 21:31
[VOTE] Apache SystemML 1.0.0 (RC2) - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 12:15 PM, Berthold Reinwald wrote:> Please vote on releasing the following candidate as Apache SystemML> version 1.0.0>> The vote is open for at least 72 h...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-12-09, 09:54
Formatting versus code changes, was Re: systemml git commit: [Minor] update creation of lite jar - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...Sometimes IDEs and even some text editors such as sublime can auto formatyour files, so please validate your diff/changes before submitting yourchanges. Also, please try to avoid formatting ...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-11-04, 18:27
SystemML, docker - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...I have updated the different layers of this image to add Spark 2.2.0,Zeppelin 0.7.3 and SystemML 0.15. For now, it seems that, after you startit, you still need to go and update the Spark ho...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-10-15, 01:52
Copyright question regarding R4ML/SystemML - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:05 PM, Henry Saputra wrote:> HI Deron,>> Sorry I missed this email. Here is the link to ASF policy about code> contribution:
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-10-03, 19:37
[VOTE] Apache SystemML 0.15.0 (RC2) - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...+1On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 4:57 PM, Arvind Surve wrote:> Please vote on releasing the following candidate as Apache SystemML> version 0.15.0>> The vote is open for at least 72 hour...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-09-13, 19:58
[VOTE] Apache SystemML 0.15.0 (RC1) - SystemML - [mail # dev]
...There seem to be several occurences of "" inthe release artifacts instead of pointing to the 0.15 release which shouldbe fixed if we have to produce a new rc.Ot...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-09-06, 04:48
[SYSTEMML-743] Distribution build is producing extra assembly files - SystemML - [issue]  1 lresende  staff    10M May 31 21:35 systemml-0.10.0-incubating-source-release.ziprw-rr-  1 lresende  staff   204B May 31 21:35 systemml-0.10.0-in...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-05-26, 18:06
[SYSTEMML-1108] Convert roadmap to md file using page-md layout - SystemML - [issue]
...There is no need to have fancy html for a bullet list of roadmap items, also, having it in html makes it more difficult to community members to update it as it requires html and css skills....    Author: Luciano Resende , 2017-05-16, 18:24