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Update dependencies (replaces #801) - TUF - [issue]
...This is a basic dependency update, produced by pyup's bot and checked and signed off....    Author: awwad , 2018-11-14, 15:34
Need support for multi-group / multi-threshold signing - TUF - [issue]
...Currently, TUF delegations are limited to requiring a threshold number of signatures from one group of keys. Sometimes, a repository manager may want to provide a more elaborate set of requi...    Author: awwad , 2017-10-11, 21:15
Fix #322 freeze attack by detecting expiry of stale metadata files - TUF - [issue]
... exceptions. Added comments to the last commit (retry_once) Merge pull request #1 from awwad/detect_expiry_322_temp (removing cruft in another branch)...    Author: awwad , 2016-03-17, 15:51
Fix #322 by detecting expiry of stale files. initial attempt - TUF - [issue]
...Toying with this fix. See Issue #322....    Author: awwad , 2016-03-10, 20:10
Client: Freeze attack issue - expiry of metadata may not be detected - TUF - [issue]
...TLDR: There's a scenario in which expiration of unchanged metadata files may not be detected.There's a broken assumption in"Due to the way in which metadata files are updated, it...    Author: awwad , 2016-03-17, 15:51
Docs: Minor documentation issues with repository creation - TUF - [issue]
...Relating to the repository creation walkthrough:1. repository.status() behavior changed: At the point in the walkthrough below, I don’t get the same output from repository.status:**# Print t...    Author: awwad , 2016-10-28, 14:37
Repo: Repository.targets.add_target unexpected behavior implied in walkthrough - TUF - [issue]
...The repository creation walkthrough leads you to believe that adding an existing target again replaces it, when it appears to do nothing.In particular, midway through the add target files se...    Author: awwad , 2016-11-10, 19:52
Client: When repo provides metadata w/ version < what client already has, that is not logged. - TUF - [issue]
... is potentially useful information for the client to know that the repo they are communicating with ...    Author: awwad , 2016-10-28, 15:24
Bug in roledb use of repository_name in get_role_paths and get_delegated_rolenames - TUF - [issue]
... using multiple repositories: they will always pull from the default repository instead. I'm fixing this in awwad/tuf:pinning (just this and this commit), along with the other fixes for full TUF...    Author: awwad , 2016-12-23, 15:59
keyids_hash_algorithms missing in private keys? - TUF - [issue]
...Per Vlad, both public and private keys generated / imported by TUF should include a 'keyid_hash_algorithms' element (which according to tuf.formats.ANYKEY_SCHEMA is optional).However, this w...    Author: awwad , 2017-06-15, 18:37