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0.9 timestamp example was missing "version" - TUF - [issue]
...The 0.9 tuf spec in section 4.6 mentions that "version" is included in the signed portion of timestamp.json, but was missing from the example file. This adds it.Feel free to reject this patc...    Author: erickt , 2019-03-19, 18:24
Does timestamp.json still require `length` and `hashes`? - TUF - [issue]
...In 4.6 of the spec, the timestamp role METAFILES is described as:METAFILES is the same is described for the snapshot.json file. In the case of the timestamp.json file, this will commonly onl...    Author: erickt , 2019-04-05, 15:39
What is the PEM encoding for RSA public keys? - TUF - [issue]
...In section 4.2, the spec states that RSA public keys are stored in PEM format, but may be vague. RSA PEM keys support two forms of encoding, RSAPublicKey form, as in:-----BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KE...    Author: erickt , 2019-08-08, 08:36
Use hex encoding is used for ed25519 and target hashes - TUF - [issue]
...According to #42, the spec should explicitly state that the ed25519 public key, and the target hash values are hex encoded values, since that is used by the majority of tuf implementations.C...    Author: erickt , 2019-08-06, 09:04
divergence between implementations serializing ed25519 public keys - TUF - [issue]
...There is some ambiguity in the spec regarding how to encode ed25519's public portion of the keyval:The 'ed25519' format is:  { "keytype" : "ed25519",    "scheme" : "ed25519",&...    Author: erickt , 2019-08-06, 09:04
Clarify the type of the target "custom" field - TUF - [issue]
...In 4.5 of the spec, the TARGETPATH is defined as: { TARGETPATH : {       "length" : LENGTH,       "hashes" : HASHES,       ("...    Author: erickt , 2019-08-15, 15:39
timestamp must only refer to the snapshot metadata - TUF - [issue]
...@JustinCappos in heartsucker/rust-tuf#207 (comment) recommended that the timestamp role should only allow a reference to the snapshot metadata, and no other roles....    Author: erickt , 2019-08-15, 21:25
Creating a TAP to forbid leading path separators in targets? - TUF - [issue]
...Good morning,I noticed that in #679 @vladimir-v-diaz banned the python tuf library from having leading path separators in paths. However, the current 1.0 draft has example targets.json with ...    Author: erickt , 2019-10-04, 00:35
Ambiguity between section 5.1.3 and 6.1 regarding updating root keys - TUF - [issue]
...In section 5.1.3, the spec states:1.3. Check signatures. Version N+1 of the root metadata file MUST have been signed by: (1) a threshold of keys specified in the trusted root metadata file (...    Author: erickt , 2019-11-15, 14:49
Clarifying the format of "spec_version" - TUF - [issue]
...The spec defines the spec_version" as:SPEC_VERSION is the version number of the specification. Metadata is written according to version "spec_version" of the specification, and clients MUST ...    Author: erickt , 2019-09-17, 12:43