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Test PR to troubleshoot (don't merge) - TUF - [issue]
...Fixes issue #:Description of the changes being introduced by the pull request:Please verify and check that the pull request fulfills the followingrequirements: The code follows the Code...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-06-12, 09:21
Updates repository_lib to use new securesystemslib interface (fix #412) - TUF - [issue]
... and to point to a securesystemslib branch that updates key generate and import functions to return a key object with the optional keyid_hash_algorithms field. ONLY MERGE AFTER lukpueh...    Author: lukpueh , 2017-06-15, 18:37
Fix consensus builder pgp fingerprint - TUF - [issue]
...Description of the changes being introduced by the pull request:Appends missing trailing A to Justin's PGP fingerprintThe (supposedly) correct fingerprint can be queried at:    Author: lukpueh , 2018-01-05, 18:19
Fix link to MAINTAINERS.txt in - TUF - [issue]
...Please fill in the fields below to submit a pull request.  The more informationthat is provided, the better.Fixes issue #:No issueDescription of the changes being introduced by the pull...    Author: lukpueh , 2018-01-03, 18:25
Update docs/MAINTAINERS.txt - TUF - [issue]
...Fixes issue #:Description of the changes being introduced by the pull request:Remove alumni @vladimir-v-diazAdd @SantiagoTorres and Marina (@mnm678)Please verify and check that the pull requ...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-07-19, 07:49
Fix publishing of coverage results to (+ misc test config updates) - TUF - [issue]
...Fixes issue #:NoneDescription of the changes being introduced by the pull request:Code coverage results from our Travis builds have not been published to in a while, due to the ...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-09-11, 09:42
Update dependencies - TUF - [issue]
...Fix syntax issue (remove stray conflict marker)Update dependenciesastroid from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3securesystemslib from 0.12.1 to 0.12.2six from 1.12.0 to 1.13.0...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-11-12, 15:00
Fix inconsistency in root key migration paragraph - TUF - [issue]
...Fixes #56Updates an outdated paragraph in section 6.1 that explained how root keys are rotated by backwards-verifying signatures from the latest root file available on the repository back to...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-11-15, 14:49
Bump version 0.12.1 - TUF - [issue]
...0.12.1 is a patch-release to, above all, relax the strict semver format check on metadata spec version fields, in order to re-establish backwards compatibility with pre-0.12.0 tuf metadata.S...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-11-15, 15:27
Fix (delegated) targets metadata HASHES definition - TUF - [issue]
...Remove not fully accurate phrase in the HASHES definition in section “4.5. File formats: targets.json and delegated target roles” of the spec.Contrary to that phrase, HASHES is an unconditio...    Author: lukpueh , 2019-11-15, 15:17