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[spec] Description of the snapshot role metadata format does not match example metadata - TUF - [issue]
...The description of the snapshot role metadata format does not match the example metadata in Section 4.4 of the TUF spec.It should say that the version number of every target metadata file mu...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-10-28, 14:44
Easier validation of JSON signatures - TUF - [issue]
...@jawi reports:From my experience implementing TUF in a different language (Java), it always caused me several headaches when trying to get the signing right. Mostly this is due to the canoni...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2017-04-19, 16:55
Tighten preorder dfs - TUF - [issue]
...In preorder DFS of prioritized and backtracking/terminating delegations:Skip visited roles.Visit at most tuf.conf.MAX_NUMBER_OF_DELEGATIONS roles.(Code is untested, but the basic idea should...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-07-27, 20:58
Clarify checking for freeze attacks on the root metadata file. - TUF - [issue]
...For heartsucker/rust-tuf#49...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2017-06-19, 19:44
Expand on the TUF client update workflow, per popular demand. - TUF - [issue]
...Besides our reference implementation, I do not believe that the TUF specification describes the precise steps that an alternative, compliant implementation should follow to download and veri...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2017-05-24, 03:15
Consistent snapshot prepends hash algorithm instead of value to target filename - TUF - [issue]
...ObservedPresently, if the user writes a repository with consistent snapshots, then the repository tool hard links the target filename to the alias sha256.filename.I think this is because the...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-04-28, 11:34
Wildcard in target paths? - TUF - [issue]
...If I am not mistaken, presently TUF specifies that target paths are either files or directories, and previously TUF specified that target paths could contain the wildcard (*) character to de...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-11-08, 17:54
Write only dirty metadata - TUF - [issue]
...ObservedAs @SantiagoTorres and I have mentioned before, the repository tool currently automatically writes the next version of metadata that is signed by any signing key loaded into memory.T...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-11-08, 17:59
Prototype on removing targets from bins. - TUF - [issue]
...Just as we can add a target to a bin, now we can remove a target from a bin.Although the implementation could use some documentation and a unit test, it should otherwise be ready for product...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2014-09-05, 19:33
Toggle consistent snapshot in the repository root role - TUF - [issue]
...Presently, we do repository.write(consistent_snapshot=True) whenever we want a consistent snapshot. I wonder whether this is always required, and whether the consistent_snapshot should be se...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2016-11-02, 19:47