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Compress metadata by default - TUF - [issue]
...From experiments, we have found that it is sensible to compress metadata by default. There may be edge cases where this does not make sense (e.g. for sufficiently small metadata), so an admi...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:52
Repository and developer tools should warn about large metadata - TUF - [issue]
...Although we do have hashed delegations, we should ideally have the repository and developer tools warn administrators and developers about sufficiently (controlled by a tuf.conf parameter) l...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:50
Different names for the "roles" field in the root and targets roles - TUF - [issue]
...@paracycle wondered why the "roles" field is ordered in any targets role, but not ordered in the root role.@JustinCappos recommended that we rename the "roles" field in the root role to avoi...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:45
File system limitations - TUF - [issue]
...There are some practical limitations that we must consider for hard links and consistent snapshots.For example, ext4 limits the number of hard links to a file to 65K. This will not have imme...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:41
Secure NTP protocol - TUF - [issue]
...According to @JustinCappos:A secure NTP solution is a solution [to address highly skewed or adrift client clocks]. However, what about mirrors and proxies? We need to think about that case i...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:26
Review integration tests - TUF - [issue]
...Thanks for the hard work of our graduate assistants, we have been able to advance our integration tests to a very respectable place. Suffice it to say that I can sleep much more safely and s...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:21
Memory-inefficient updater may cause denial of service - TUF - [issue]
...The way the updater currently works, it must read the entire metadata into memory in order to check its format, or read an entire target or metadata file into memory in order to check its ha...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:20
A tool to determine whether metadata for a targets role has diverged from its data - TUF - [issue]
...While it may not always be the case (for example, PyPI would almost certainly know when metadata for a targets role needs to be created or updated), sometimes (e.g. exception-handling or bui...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:16
Implement mirrors role - TUF - [issue]
...We should implement the mirrors role, although this is low-priority at the moment....    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 16:11
Compact representation of a range of (hashed) delegated target paths - TUF - [issue]
...Presently, if we delegate the space of hashed target paths, we do it with the path_hash_prefixes attribute.Suppose there are 256 possible hash values of target paths, and 2 delegatees. Then,...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-12-16, 17:01