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Update example metadata - TUF - [issue]
...We should update the example metadata to, for example: reflect changes to the snapshot metadata (Mercury) include the map file (Trident) include multi-role delegations in targ...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-12, 15:12
Should we replace urllib(2) with requests? - TUF - [issue]
...Right now, we have some code copied over from pip to ensure that urllib(2) will verify SSL certificates and so on.I think we are better off replacing the lower-level urllib(2) code with the ...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-20, 14:40
Socket timeout default value pretty onerous - TUF - [issue]
...Don't know what I was thinking when I set the default socket timeout value to be 1 second, but it turns out to be pretty impractical in practice (e.g. client fails to connect via WiFi to ser...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-20, 14:52
Better specification and documentation of interposition module - TUF - [issue]
...I need to write better specification and documentation of the interposition module....    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-25, 07:28
Incorrect target URL encoding and decoding - TUF - [issue]
...The TUF library inconsistently handles the way target paths are encoded in the targets metadata and the way URLs are used to resolve a target.More concretely speaking, a target may be encode...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 15:18
Detect metadata and data mismatch on server when possible - TUF - [issue]
...Justin thinks that we should try to detect metadata and data mismatch on the server when possible.For example, a target file could be longer than what the targets metadata signed for. This m...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 18:52
Stronger SSL verification and HTTP redirection - TUF - [issue] needs stronger SSL verification (i.e. use stronger SSL ciphers and protocol versions)....    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 19:10
Interposition should preserve HTTP headers - TUF - [issue]
...Presently, the interposition module does not preserve the HTTP headers returned by the web server. This goes without saying, but clearly this needs to change....    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 10:03
Interposition should allow streaming - TUF - [issue]
...Presently, the interposition module does not allow for streaming of web documents. This causes problems such as applications not being able to determine the length of the document until the ...    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 10:02
tuf.interposition should ignore non-GET HTTP requests - TUF - [issue]
...The tuf.interposition module, when given a urllib2.Request object, needs to ignore it if it is not a GET HTTP method....    Author: trishankkarthik , 2019-09-24, 09:58