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[TAJO-1925] Improve hive compatibility with TIMESTAMP partition column. - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, Tajo allow to use TIMESTAMP column as a partition key. But if users use TIMESTAMP partition column, Tajo doesn't keep the original TIMESTAMP values. Actually, Tajo automatically c...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2018-01-29, 10:42
[TAJO-1952] Implement PartitionFileFragment - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, PartitionedTableScanNode contains the list of partitions and it seems to me that the list has some problems as following:1. Duplicate Informs: Task contains Fragment which specify...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2017-12-04, 04:36
[TAJO-1836] Update HBase document based on TableSpace - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, there is no explanation about tablespace at hbase integration document. need to update it based on tablespace....    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1891] Allow arbitrary partition path - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, Tajo just allow well-defined partition path which includes all partition columns because rewriter builds basic tuple for scanning data files using partition path. So, if users dat...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-2030] Use list S3 files using AmazonS3Client instead of using S3A - Tajo - [issue]
...AWS S3 provides bulk listing API. It takes the common prefix of all input paths as a parameter and returns all the objects whose prefixes start with the common prefix in blocks of 1000.If we...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-2069] Implement finding the total size of all objects in a bucket with AWS SDK. - Tajo - [issue]
...See the title and TAJO-2023....    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2016-08-29, 15:53
[TAJO-16] Enable Tajo catalog to access Hive metastore. - Tajo - [issue]
...Hive has been widely used in this area. Many users have maintained lots of big tables through Hive metastore. It would be great to enable Tajo catalog to access Hive metastore. Hive metastor...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2016-07-09, 19:13
[TAJO-2164] SequenceFile print wrong values with TextSerializerDeserializer - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, SequenceFile print wrong values on tsql with TextSerializerDeserializer as follows. Tajo version: 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT Catalog: HiveCatalogStore Dataset: TPC-H 1G Create table on hiveC...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2016-07-06, 16:38
Please welcome our new committer, Jongyoung Park - Tajo - [mail # dev]
...Congrats Jongyoung! Keep up the great work!RegardsJaehwa2016-05-31 12:59 GMT+09:00 Jinho Kim :...
   Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2016-05-31, 04:58
[TAJO-1051] Support DDL parameter for inserting specified directory.   - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, users just can write csv file with specified directory as follows:INSERT OVERWRITE INTO LOCATION '/dir/subdir' SELECT l_orderkey, l_quantity FROM lineitem;In above case, the outpu...    Author: Jaehwa Jung , 2016-05-30, 01:36