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telegraf --test fails with bind: address already in use - Telegraf - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:[agent]  interval = "10s"  round_interval = true  metric_batch_size = 1000  metric_buffer_limit = 10000  collection_jitter = "0s"  flush_...    Author: Genda1ph , 2020-06-02, 00:13
--test flag doesn't run processors or aggregators - Telegraf - [issue]
...Looks like processors and aggregators are not being applied when the --test flag is enabled.I think we need to add this code block:    Author: russorat , 2020-06-02, 00:12
Add support for env variables to shim config - Telegraf - [issue]
...Enable shim to interpret environment variables by changing config.parseConfig to public.Required for all PRs: Signed CLA. Associated updated. Has appropriate unit te...    Author: ykzts , 2020-06-01, 22:40
Add support for once mode; run processors and aggregators during test. - Telegraf - [issue]
...This PR contains several changes over #7408:Resolved conflicts on #7408 due to ticker changes.Fixed buffering issues by running full pipeline.Added special handling for cpu/mongodb/procstat ...    Author: danielnelson , 2020-06-01, 22:26
Zookeeper plugin: if value is not a integer it is casted to string. Average values are float! - Telegraf - [issue]
...Description: float values are not supported in this plugin?Average values of course are ...    Author: jvino , 2020-06-01, 22:22
[inputs.vsphere] strange time behaviour with unreachable nodes - Telegraf - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:Config without sys.uptime.latest:[[inputs.vsphere]]  interval = "120s"  vcenters = [ "" ]  username = "user"  password = "admin"&nb...    Author: adrianlzt , 2020-06-01, 21:19
7595 - Be able to add the body's content as field with http_response - Telegraf - [issue]
...closes #7595Required for all PRs: Signed CLA. Associated updated. Has appropriate unit tests....    Author: essobedo , 2020-06-01, 20:58
Be able to add the body's content as field with http_response - Telegraf - [issue]
...Proposal:The idea is to have a way to get the content of the body as field, this feature could be disabled by default to remain backward compatible.Current behavior:There is no way to get th...    Author: essobedo , 2020-06-01, 20:58
Override IP address in http_response - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestProposal:Add a config setting to the http_response input plugin to override the IP address, to use instead of the resolved hostname. Alternatively, add a way to override the h...    Author: nicolas17 , 2020-06-01, 20:42
How To Add Global Tag Dynamically - Telegraf - [issue]
...Hi,We have installed Telegraf in our Servers across different environment like Prod/Non Prod/Testing etc., Each environment will have its own multiple tags. Currently we are looking on the o...    Author: SaranrajG01 , 2020-06-01, 19:55