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ping input plugin timeout - Telegraf - [issue]
...Issue: Telegraf ping input plugin assumes a default ping_interval of 0, which should be 1 instead.Steps to reproduce:run the ping input plugin against any URL with a count > 1 , leaving t...    Author: kostasb , 2016-10-17, 14:36
Statsd input fails to parse exponential values - Telegraf - [issue]
...Telegraf fails to parse exponential values for anything other than gauges due to the minus sign appearing after the ":" separatortelegraf: 2016/09/08 17:32:59 Error: +- values are only suppo...    Author: kostasb , 2016-09-09, 14:28
Whitespace in field names with outputs.graphite - Telegraf - [issue]
...1.0-beta3Field names that include a whitespace generate malformed output when using the Graphite format.Example input:ameasurement,atag=test a\ field="value"Output in Line Protocol:ameasurem...    Author: kostasb , 2016-08-17, 16:48
Panic from multiple graphite outputs - Telegraf - [issue]
...Version tested: 1.0-beta2Running Telegraf with multiple graphite output plugins results to a panic under load (>1000 points per second).Config file:[agent]  interval = "10s"  fl...    Author: kostasb , 2016-07-14, 15:16
Documentation for load balancing on graphite output servers - Telegraf - [issue]
...Adding multiple endpoints in the servers sections of graphite output, load balances the output points in a random way. This was not documented so there have been cases where end users assume...    Author: kostasb , 2016-07-14, 15:06
Points with many tags are multiplied - Telegraf - [issue]
...Description: Telegraf outputs multiple copies of points with many tags.This can be reproduced with v1.2.1 and v1.1.1Sample config:[agent]  interval = "2s"  round_interval = true&nb...    Author: kostasb , 2017-02-10, 16:50
Support for Global Fields and preset Field values - Telegraf - [issue]
...Similar to the Global Tags configuration option ( Telegraf should support a Global Fields option to add f...    Author: kostasb , 2017-09-26, 00:49
http_listener service plugin does not respect precision - Telegraf - [issue]
...Telegraf v1.2.1Issue: the http_listener plugin does not accept configurable precision, only assumes ns.Also, outputs.influxdb only writes ns.The result is that points with a precision other ...    Author: kostasb , 2017-04-10, 23:40
Exact match with pgrep -x option in procstat - Telegraf - [issue]
...Fixes #1828Pending: update...    Author: kostasb , 2018-09-27, 02:45
Exact name matching for pgrep in procstat - Telegraf - [issue]
...This PR enables the "exact" option for the procstat plugin which allows to only match a particular process name with pgrep -xf instead of the greedy default pattern matching behavior of pgre...    Author: kostasb , 2016-09-30, 15:59