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[inputs.vsphere] Clarification on non-realtime metrics needed - Telegraf - [issue]
...The README for the vsphere plugin needs a section about non-realtime metrics pointing out the best practice of putting them in a separate instance of the plugin. A high percentage of bug rep...    Author: prydin , 2019-02-05, 18:05
Changed to wavefront-sdk-go 0.9.1 - Telegraf - [issue]
...Required for all PRs: Signed CLA. Associated updated. Has appropriate unit tests.This gets rid of some error messages in the log caused by a (benign) race condition ...    Author: prydin , 2019-01-03, 19:30
[input.vsphere] Fixed race condition in discovery - Telegraf - [issue]
...Signed CLA. Associated updated. Has appropriate unit tests.Race conditionUnder certain circumstances, the timestamp for the last collection could be overwritten by stale ...    Author: prydin , 2019-01-03, 19:30
Feature request: Pivot aggregator - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestAdd a pivot aggregator for creating aggregated metrics based on a pivot field.Opening a feature request kicks off a discussion.Proposal:Assume you have a stream of metrics for...    Author: prydin , 2019-03-26, 00:06
Added input plugin for VMware vSphere. - Telegraf - [issue]
...closes #1420Added full support for vSphere monitoring. Supports vms, hosts, clusters and datastores. Allows filtering of metrics and resources. Written by Pontus Rydin, VMware and Pierre Tes...    Author: prydin , 2018-09-11, 21:57
Question: Reading interval from input plugin - Telegraf - [issue]
...Is there a way to programmatically read the collection interval from within an input plugin? I have an API call that can take a long time and I'd like to set the timeout to match the interva...    Author: prydin , 2018-11-08, 02:44
Race conditions in Accumulator/models code - Telegraf - [issue]
....(*RunningInput).MakeMetric()       /Users/prydin/go/src/ +0x10b*accumulator).AddGauge...
...()       /Users/prydin/go/src/ +0x157*DiskStats).Gather()       /Users/prydin/go/src...
.../ +0xb38       /Users/prydin/go/src/
.../agent.go:153 +0x66 Previous write at 0x00c4200cb720 by main goroutine:*Agent).Run()       /Users/prydin/go/src/
.../models/running_input.go:101 +0x8cb   main.reloadLoop()       /Users/prydin/go/src/ +0xa0   main.main()       /Users/prydin/go/src...    Author: prydin , 2018-07-07, 13:05
Accumulator goroutine safety broken - Telegraf - [issue]
... supposed to be able to handle calls from multiple goroutines? If not, we should probably close this... Relevant telegraf.conf: System info: vSphere plugin fork:
.../tree/6856bb6dee1fe4274dcc18479268b3b03056ae0b Steps to reproduce: Pull code from my fork where I'm developing the vSphere plugin:
.../prydin/go/src/ +0x10b*accumulator).AddFields() /Users/prydin/go/src/
.../telegraf/agent/accumulator.go:52 +0x157*Endpoint).collectChunk() /Users/prydin/go/src/
.../endpoint.go:518 +0x1096*Endpoint).collectResource() /Users/prydin/go/src/    Author: prydin , 2018-07-06, 18:17
Collection chunking - Telegraf - [issue]    Author: prydin , 2018-07-26, 22:41
vSphere: Use inventory paths to select resources to monitor - Telegraf - [issue]
.... A working prototype is already implemented here:    Author: prydin , 2019-06-11, 19:38