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github input panics when repo has no language - Telegraf - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:[[inputs.github]]  ## List of repositories to monitor  repositories = [        "influxdata/community"  ]  ## Github API access ...    Author: russorat , 2019-07-22, 23:30
logparser plugin panics with integer divide by zero error - Telegraf - [issue]
...Bug reportSystem info:Telegraf v1.5.0~26ccc1f2Mac OS X 10.13Steps to reproduce:Add config and start telegrafOpening iTunes on my mac causes the log lines to error out. Not sure if you could ...    Author: russorat , 2018-08-30, 02:12
adding twitter input - Telegraf - [issue]
...Required for all PRs: Signed CLA. Associated updated. Has appropriate unit tests....    Author: russorat , 2017-11-28, 19:40
Add Grok as top level parser to be used with any plugin - Telegraf - [issue]
...Proposal:Add GROK as a top level parser so that all plugins can take advantage of it. Currently it is only available for the logparser plugin. The specific ask was regarding the Kafka input....    Author: russorat , 2018-07-16, 21:05
WekaIO Statistics - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestOpening a feature request kicks off a discussion.Proposal:A new plugin for gathering WekaIO Statistics (available with WekaIO/s weka cmd) including read/write throughput, read...    Author: russorat , 2019-04-05, 22:55
GPFS Statistics Input - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestOpening a feature request kicks off a discussion.Proposal:Add a new input for gathering GPFS Statistics (available with GPFS’s mmpmon) including read/write throughput, read/wr...    Author: russorat , 2019-04-05, 22:55
InfluxDB V2 Output add bucket name into error message - Telegraf - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:# Configuration for sending metrics to InfluxDB 2.0[[outputs.influxdb_v2]]  ## The URLs of the InfluxDB cluster nodes.  ##  ## Multiple URLs can be spec...    Author: russorat , 2019-05-29, 00:36
influxdb_v2 output does not queue metrics in the case of invalid token - Telegraf - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:# Global tags can be specified here in key="value" format.[global_tags]# Configuration for telegraf agent[agent]  interval = "10s"  round_interval = true&nbs...    Author: russorat , 2019-05-01, 23:46
Add the ability to specify org id and bucket id in influxdb v2 output - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestOpening a feature request kicks off a discussion.Proposal:names for orgs and buckets can change in 2.0. I'd like the ability to use the ID in the config instead of name so tha...    Author: russorat , 2019-04-23, 23:48
Add healthcheck output - Telegraf - [issue]
...Proposal:add the ability for load balancers to determine if a telegraf service is healthy via an http(s) endpoint that returns 200 for OK or not 200 for NOT_OK.Current behavior:no plugin exi...    Author: russorat , 2019-05-30, 01:31