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exec input should be able to handle long-running commands - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestProposal:The exec input should be able to handle commands which run, and then stream their output data.Current behavior:Currently telegraf expects commands launched by the exe...    Author: phemmer , 2018-12-26, 12:14
Support a native ping - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestProposal:It would be nice if telegraf could perform a ping natively instead of having to call out to the external ping utility. This could be accomplished by using either CAP_...    Author: phemmer , 2019-05-24, 21:53
run postgres_extensible query across multiple databases - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestOpening a feature request kicks off a discussion.Proposal:The postgres_extensible plugin should support a way of running the same query across multiple databases. The configur...    Author: phemmer , 2019-02-13, 09:45
Use BurntSushi/toml for config file parsing - Telegraf - [issue]
...Bug reportRelevant telegraf.conf:[[outputs.influxdb]]  urls = [""][[inputs.postgresql_extensible]]    address = "host=localhost sslmode=disable user=pgsql db...    Author: phemmer , 2019-04-26, 03:24
Validate the config at start, not runtime - Telegraf - [issue]
...Feature RequestProposal:Telegraf should be able to validate config parameters at startup, instead of at runtime.Current behavior:The only validation telegraf can do is that the config file p...    Author: phemmer , 2019-06-14, 22:12
most procstat time fields useless - Telegraf - [issue]
...Bug report Relevant telegraf.conf: [[inputs.procstat]] pattern = "foo" System info: Telegraf version: custom build based on 1.2.1 with some master & PR commits cherry-picked. phemmer...    Author: phemmer , 2019-05-20, 21:58
add journalparser plugin - Telegraf - [issue]
...Adds a journalparser plugin. The plugin tries to be as similar to configuration of the logparser plugin as possible, and shares the grok parser code.This plugin does have the unfortunate res...    Author: phemmer , 2019-08-28, 19:10