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[TEZ-3961] Tez UI web.xml tries to reach out to for validation after moving to jetty-9 - Tez - [issue]
...Tez UI can throw a 503 error when hosted on a server that cannot reach public IPs like which are listed as servers for DTDs in web.xml.  This behavior change comes from mov...    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-10, 22:00
[TEZ-3990] The number of shuffle penalties for a host/inputAttemptIdentifier should be capped - Tez - [issue]
...In a scenario where the same mapId fetches fail, the penalty code allows adding the same Host/InputAttemptIdentifier over and over with revised penalty time that grows exponentially. It shou...    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-10, 21:41
[TEZ-4005] Add Host-Source input penalties to Unordered Shuffle - Tez - [issue]
...Ordered shuffle has a mechanism to penalize hosts and try exponential waits for retrying. Unordered case is missing this feature. Would be really useful to add this and make shuffle policies...    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-10, 19:29
[TEZ-4002] CHANGES.txt for 0.9.2 Release - Tez - [issue]
...Add CHANGES.txt for 0.9.2 line....    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-07, 02:26
[DISCUSS] Slack for Apache Tez - Tez - [mail # dev]
..."How does everyone feel about trying slack temporarily to see if it aids Tezdevelopment?"This would be a great way to get attention on certain JIRAs and askquestions/discuss releases and fea...
   Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-07, 00:21
[DISCUSS] Tez build Yetus support - Tez - [mail # dev]
...Thank you Jon for the prototype. I am in support of moving to Yetus. Branchtargeting, GitHub PR requests and additional features like whitespace andcheck-style warnings would be very useful....
   Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-10-01, 13:33
[TEZ-3972] Tez DAG can hang when a single task fails to fetch - Tez - [issue]
...Description of the hung DAG:A DAG with 2 vertices. Map Vertex has 22k maps, downstream vertex Reduce has 1009 tasks. All tasks succeed but one, which hangs. This one task (attempt) is doing ...    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-09-26, 12:58
Hadoop Contributors Meetup next week - Tez - [mail # dev]
...Hello devs!Oath is hosting a Contributors Meetup on Sept. 25th which would also coverupdates and feature discussion in the Apache Tez Project. If this issomething you would like to attend, p...
   Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-09-21, 19:42
[TEZ-3982] DAGAppMaster and tasks should not report negative or invalid progress - Tez - [issue]
...AM fails (AMRMClient expects non negative progress) if any component reports invalid or -ve progress, DagAppMaster/Tasks should check and report accordingly to allow the AM to execute....    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-09-21, 14:28
[TEZ-3973] Add Kuhu Shukla's (kshukla) public key to KEYS - Tez - [issue]    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-09-06, 17:20