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[TIKA-1768] Document headers and footers in metadata - Tika - [issue]
...I have a use case where I need document headers and footers to be explicitly marked as such in Tika's output metadata fields. As far as I can see, there's no easy built-in way for doing this...    Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2017-11-14, 09:54
[expand - 1 more] - [VOTE] Release Apache Tika 1.15 Candidate #1 - Tika - [mail # user]
...You're absolutely right. I was going by the lack of a release note on therc1 branch, but looking at the code the change is actually there.Thanks!Aeham...
   Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2017-05-23, 21:44
[expand - 1 more] - Tika 1.15 - Tika - [mail # user]
...That sounds good, thanks Tim!...
   Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2017-04-03, 21:59
[TIKA-2300] Can't tell if a zip file is encrypted - Tika - [issue]
...When Tika processes a zip file that is protected with a password, it will return the list of file names within the zip but no indication (as an exception or in metadata) that the file is enc...    Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2017-03-22, 11:34
[TIKA-2025] Extraction of long sequences of digits from Excel spreadsheets using Tika 1.13 doesn’t yield the expected results - Tika - [issue]
...If an Excel spreadsheet contains a long sequence of digits, such as a credit card number, Tika 1.13 will emit the said sequence in scientific notation.For example, the credit card number “34...    Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2017-02-02, 16:53
TIKA-1768: Document headers and footers in metadata - Tika - [mail # user]
...Hello,Are there any plans to incorporate TIKA-1768 into the next 1.xrelease? I'd welcome any feedback on the patch and thoughts on better waysfor implementing the enhancement.Best regar...
   Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2015-10-20, 15:22
[expand - 2 more] - Tika 1.6 update in Maven Central? - Tika - [mail # user]
...Thanks Nick. That is a valid option. However, I have ruled it out for myapplication.We generally try to keep our many dependencies (of which Tika is one) undercontrol via maven. Adding custo...
   Author: Aeham Abushwashi , 2014-10-21, 10:53