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[TIKA-2551] TIka Server uses HtmlParser for XML no matter what config is given, even if XML is disabled in Config - Tika - [issue]
...For some reason, the Tika Server has this line in TikaResource.javaparsers.put(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML, new HtmlParser());The upshot of which is that the Tika Server (only) will always use...    Author: Nick Burch , 2018-01-26, 22:13
[TIKA-2554] Subtypes for common text formats currently included in text/plain - Tika - [issue]
...Currently, we have a very large number of file extension globs all feeding into the text/plain mimetype. This includes not only variations on actual plain text, but also lots of other text-b...    Author: Nick Burch , 2018-01-25, 15:59
[TIKA-745] MP3 parser should handle genres not in ID3v1 - Tika - [issue]
...The MP3 parser currently prefers id3v1 genres (for normalisation), but doesn't cope with id3v2 genres not in v1....    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-10-06, 15:32
[TIKA-746] Support custom mime types - Tika - [issue]
...As discussed over the summer <> there are legitimate cases for wanting to load in extra, custom mimetypes (and the...    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-10-26, 10:54
[TIKA-747] Ogg Vorbis and FLAC Parsers - Tika - [issue]
...As mentioned on the list a few weeks back, I've now finished getting an Ogg Vorbis and FLAC parser working. The code is available at I see it, there...    Author: Nick Burch , 2012-06-30, 14:16
[TIKA-749] Avoid using POI's LittleEndian in non-POI parsers - Tika - [issue]
...Several of our Parsers use org.apache.poi.util.LittleEndian to read in little endian numbers as part of processingWe should pull over this code from POI, add a big endian version, then use t...    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-10-07, 21:05
[TIKA-755] Add getDetector() method to TikaConfig - Tika - [issue]
...As discussed on the mailing list, we should add a getDetector() method to TikaConfig. This would return a DefaultDetector that was created with the same classloader as the DefaultParser wasA...    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-10-18, 20:59
[TIKA-762] EXIF extraction from PNG images - Tika - [issue]
...The PNG parser doesn't currently extract EXIF information. Only core image properties are currently extractedThis means that for a PNG produced by an iPad (as an example), we miss out on som...    Author: Nick Burch , 2015-06-24, 03:41
[TIKA-764] OpenDocumentMetaParser should use common metadata keys for document statistics - Tika - [issue]
...The OpenDocumentMetaParser currently outputs a number of document statistics with its own Metadata keys, rather than using the standard ones defined on the Metadata class. It should be updat...    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-11-02, 13:08
[TIKA-784] Mimetype entry for DITA - Tika - [issue]
...Currently, we don't have mimetype entries for DITA. There is a provisional mimetypeAccording to there is a pr...    Author: Nick Burch , 2011-11-21, 01:25