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[TS-1297] Why are all binaries linking with libz and libmza ? - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Same problem as TS-1296....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1301] Expose the internal milestone timers via TSAPI - TrafficServer - [issue]
...I'm suggesting an API like:tsapi TSHRTime TSHttpTxnMilestoneGet(TSHttpTxn txnp, TSMilestonesType milestone);...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1306] WCCP builds fail on FBSD - TrafficServer - [issue]
...fixed incommit a423c3fb44f56145060d35c3092a71577e6f5c74Author:     Leif Hedstrom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>AuthorDate: Tue Jun 19 16:34:13 2012 -0600Commit:     Leif Hedst...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1312] Allow to open cache disk without O_DIRECT, for e.g. tmpfs "disk" cache - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Allowing us to now require O_DIRECT when opening a cache file could allow someone to run the cache on tmpfs, and avoid all disk I/O completely....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1172] Remove remap/StringHash.{cc,h} - TrafficServer - [issue]
...These files are not used, nuke....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01
[TS-1174] Should we eliminate all ERR_* "status" message in squid logging? - TrafficServer - [issue]
...In more recent versions of Squid, ERR_* status messages have been merged into the status code. E.g.ERR_*    Errors are now contained in the status code.Should we do likewise?...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2016-08-15, 17:39
[TS-1175] The LogBuffer object is allocated with new (and deallocated with delete) - TrafficServer - [issue]
...We should at least use a class allocator for LogBuffer itself, and perhaps even its internal buffer....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2014-12-18, 05:05
[TS-1176] Eliminate the delayed delete of LogBuffer - TrafficServer - [issue]
...There's a race condition in another place in the code, and it's obvious to me that this deferred delete was done to avoid this race condition....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01
[TS-1182] Add a flag to LogBuffer's for endian used - TrafficServer - [issue]
...After discussions with amc: To support "reading" logs (either via logcat or log collation) on a box with a different endian from where it was generated, we need to know which endian we gener...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-11-07, 01:16
[TS-1189] Build problem on CentOS5 - TrafficServer - [issue]
...diff --git a/iocore/net/ b/iocore/net/SSLNetVConnection.ccindex 33ebe64..0a41a08 100644--- a/iocore/net/ b/iocore/net/ -673,9...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01