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[TS-1190] Change default for proxy.config.http.share_server_sessions - TrafficServer - [issue]
...We should enable session sharing with dedicated session pools per net-thread as the default. It has the best performance for a majority of our use cases.CONFIG proxy.config.http.share_server...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01
[TS-1194] Build problem with gcc 4.6 and OmniOS ("solaris") - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Seems printf() is unhappy with a few of our type conversions on Solaris. Also might be a problem on some plugin dependencies?...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01
[TS-1367] 3.2.x - Offset table is not accounting for multiple alternate documents - TrafficServer - [issue]
...This was discovered by Wei Jin....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:42
[TS-1377] Range: requests will segfault - TrafficServer - [issue]
...It seems Range: requests will now always segfault. I haven't examined it thoroughly, but "od" is always NULL when we try to use it in the new code.E.g.Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmen...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-07-23, 21:31
[TS-1381] Performance of server intercept without Content-Length is poor - TrafficServer - [issue]
...When using a server intercept plugin, if the plugin is unable (for whatever reason) to inject a Content-Length header, we perform chunked encoding on the body. This turns out to be pretty sl...    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2016-02-04, 19:02
[TS-1404] Improvements for Raspberry / ARM CPus - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Various ARM fixes on the Raspberry system....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1421] Change default Diag's logging output confdigs - TrafficServer - [issue]
...We should change the default log configs, to avoid logging to stdout/stderr by default....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1224] Make AGG_SIZE configurable? - TrafficServer - [issue]
...In order to support very large objects, making this configurable could help. It might also be useful for those who are sensitive to latency on writes (to reduce it)....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2013-11-07, 01:17
[TS-1225] doc_size still gets casted to int in a few places - TrafficServer - [issue]
...This was also discussed on TS-475, and discovered by bwyatt. I'm filing a separate bug, since I think this should be fixed independent of TS-475....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01
[TS-1226] header_filter does not allow for e.g. '=' in header values. - TrafficServer - [issue]
...E.g. a rule like[READ_RESPONSE_HDR]    Cache-Control =max-age=123=does not work....    Author: Leif Hedstrom , 2012-06-06, 00:01