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[TS-1369] TS_SDK_VERSION the same across incompatible API's - TrafficServer - [issue]
...14:31 < PSUdaemon> what is the plan for TS_SDK_VERSION?14:32 < PSUdaemon> i noticed the API changed from 3.0 to 3.2 but the TS_SDK_VERSION is the same14:32 < PSUdaemon> at ...    Author: Phil Sorber , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1370] stale_while_revalidate plugin is empty - TrafficServer - [issue]
...In commit 3a1816b76da2f23f0a053dd27abfa5f959485f0f on the now deprecated trafficserver-plugins repo swr.cpp was emptied accidentally. Since then the plugins have all been copied to the main ...    Author: Phil Sorber , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1387] Allow proxy.config.http.insert_age_in_response to be overridden - TrafficServer - [issue]
...This patch converts proxy.config.http.insert_age_in_response to an override-able value....    Author: Phil Sorber , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1388] RFC5861 Plugin - TrafficServer - [issue]
...A plugin to implement the stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error features of RFC5861.    Author: Phil Sorber , 2012-09-09, 03:37
[TS-1389] Replace TSHttpTxnServerRespNoStore() with TSHttpTxnServerRespNoStoreSet() - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Replace the experimental API TSHttpTxnServerRespNoStore() with TSHttpTxnServerRespNoStoreSet() that allows you to change the cache-ability of a server response for a given transaction....    Author: Phil Sorber , 2013-06-05, 22:44
[TS-1542] Fix rfc5861 so that it compiles on multiple versions - TrafficServer - [issue]
...This plugin is only in master but it is useful to those running 3.0.x and 3.2.x. To that end I would like to see it able to be compiled (via tsxs) against those versions as well....    Author: Phil Sorber , 2012-10-19, 20:05
[TS-1543] Add non-debug logging to rfc5861 plugin - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Add non-debug logging to the RFC5861 plugin.Allow to enable individual logging of stale-while-revalidate separate from stale-if-error events....    Author: Phil Sorber , 2012-10-20, 17:58
[TS-1446] RFC 5861 plugin must set Age header - TrafficServer - [issue]
...In version 3.0 this was on and not configurable. In version 3.2 this became configurable but not overridable. In master and 3.3 this is overridable and the plugin should do that to assure th...    Author: Phil Sorber , 2012-10-19, 20:05
[TS-1447] Add Userlevel Statically Defined Tracing (USDT) probe capability - TrafficServer - [issue]
...    Author: Phil Sorber , 2016-08-15, 18:32
[TS-1463] rfc5861 plugin does not return stale data upon subsequent requests - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Upon subsequent requests the cache returns MISS instead of STALE so the plugin isn't able to return the stale response properly....    Author: Phil Sorber , 2014-12-18, 05:09