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[TS-4187] connections_currently_open stat not accurate with global server session pools - TrafficServer - [issue]
...When global server session pools are used, sockets may be moved to new VCs associated with different threads.  The connections_currently_open stat was not being correctly incremented in...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-10-07, 19:52
[TS-4250] clang-format breaks on Centos 6 - TrafficServer - [issue]
...When I run "make clang-format" on my Cento 6 vm it fails saying it cannot find shasum.  If I set the environment variable SHASUM to sha1sum (which is present on my VM), it works....    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-07-19, 20:16
[TS-4136] Incoming http connection stats should be correct regardless of the HTTP version - TrafficServer - [issue]
...proxy.process.http.current_client_connections and proxy.process.http.total_client_connections are inaccurate once you introduction SPDY and HTTP2.  The connections counts will be increm...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-07-19, 19:54
[TS-3970] Core in PluginVC - TrafficServer - [issue]
...One of our plugins moving from 5.0.1 to 5.3.x (plus 6.0 backports) started seeing the following stack trace with high frequency.Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.#0 0x000...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-01-13, 06:06
[TS-4041] Refine squid codes to distinguish connection shutdown causes - TrafficServer - [issue]
...SQUID_LOG_ERR_CLIENT_ABORT is used in multiple scenarios.  The ambiguity between these scenarios has caused us to take some false turns in debugging failures.  Based on code inspec...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-08-17, 16:04
[TS-4278] HostDB sync causes active transactions to block for 100's of ms - TrafficServer - [issue]
...When HostDB syncs to disk (by default every two minutes), active transactions will block when they reach HttpSM::do_hostdb_lookup.  This is because do_hostdb_lookup calls hostDBProcesso...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-11-07, 23:27
[TS-4309] Reduced SSL upload/download speed after event loop change (TS-4260) - TrafficServer - [issue]
...With the Eventloop changes of TS-4260 there are fewer spurious event loop kicks.  This reveals stalls during upload and download on a lightly loaded system.  Tidying up the net rea...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-11-07, 23:26
[TS-4330] Real or statistical differences in response time between 5.3 and 6.1 - TrafficServer - [issue]
...We are evaluating 6.1 in our production caching environment and verifying it against a 5.3.x box in the same pod.Our performance reporter (ysar) shows that the response time for 6.1 is highe...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-08-17, 18:34
[TS-4332] should allow for immediate error return when accepts reach throttle limit - TrafficServer - [issue]
...When the throttling kicks in future connections to origins will cause a 502 to be returned to the user agent.But when an accept happens during the throttling period, a message is only sent i...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-12-16, 17:02
[TS-4348] does not match OS in terms of number of open connections - TrafficServer - [issue]
...Testing master (proto 6.2) in production.  ATS eventually gets to throttled mode and stays there.  The value of is much greater than th...    Author: Susan Hinrichs , 2016-07-19, 20:11