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[TRAFODION-3220] Extend the existing compiler GUI to display query execution as well - Trafodion - [issue]
...There have been several occasions where I wished we had a GUI debugging tool for the executor that allows to single-step through work method calls and that allows us to control multiple ESPs...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-10-16, 17:07
[TRAFODION-3164] Phase out existing mxosrvrs on-demand - Trafodion - [issue]
...In some cases, it would be very helpful if we could tell the DCS component to restart all of its mxosrvrs at the next opportunity.There are several reasons why one would want this: We may ha...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-09-15, 07:30
[TRAFODION-3177] Error when selecting count(*) from event_log_reader UDF - Trafodion - [issue]
...When selecting no columns from the event_log_reader UDF, like in a select count( * ), I am getting the following error:>>prepare s from select count( * ) from udf(event_log_reader()); ...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-08-27, 20:08
[TRAFODION-2534] UDRs need the ability to define a CLASSPATH or similar concept - Trafodion - [issue]
...Right now, Java UDRs can only load classes from their own library (a jar file). In many cases, we need to be able to load additional classes. The current solution is to unpack all the jars i...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-07-31, 22:03
[TRAFODION-1782] Error 1135 for a primary key column not declared NOT NULL - Trafodion - [issue]
...When creating a table like this:create table t(a int primary key)orcreate table t(a int, primary key(a))Trafodion issues an error 1135 (Clustering key column ID must be assigned a NOT NULL N...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-06-15, 15:25
[TRAFODION-52] LP Blueprint: cmp-trafodion-to-hbase-mapping - Make the mapping of Trafodion tables to HBase tables and column families more flexible - Trafodion - [issue]
...Right now, each Trafodion table is mapped to an HBase table with one column family. This could be a problem in the future, if a user creates very many Trafodion tables. It is known that HBas...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-04-25, 17:03
[TRAFODION-3042] RAND() function is not always random - Trafodion - [issue]
...When trying the RAND() function, I found that it does not always behave as I would expect. I tried this example:>>select rand(), rand(), rand() from dual;(EXPR)      (EX...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-04-25, 16:29
[TRAFODION-3028] Control query shape (CQS) does not work for Hive insert and unload - Trafodion - [issue]
...We don't have the right syntax in the CONTROL QUERY SHAPE (CQS) command to force the shape of an insert into a Hive table or an unload statement.The shape in a CQS has to start with the top ...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-04-19, 19:33
[TRAFODION-2661] MDAM not chosen for OR predicate of leading index column - Trafodion - [issue]
...We saw the following issue in a customer scenario:SELECT SUM(c)from tbl2where a in ('A','B')AND b >= '8';The table has a salted index on column a. That index has many more columns (13 in ...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-03-26, 17:32
[TRAFODION-2617] Error 9252 during update statistics of an encrypted Trafodion table - Trafodion - [issue]
...Anu tried an update statistics command for a table that is using HBase encryption. That failed with the following stack trace, as printed >>update statistics for table t on every colum...    Author: Hans Zeller , 2018-03-26, 17:31