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[TRAFODION-3216] UDR libraries need to be stored in metadata table as a blob - Trafodion - [issue]
...This is one of many  infrastructure changes for SPJs that was planned.  Store UDR libraries in BLOBs    Add BLOB column to library metadata table Change CREATE LIBRARY command to store libra...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-10-17, 04:33
[TRAFODION-3217] Mechanism to drop obsolete cached SPJ library/jar files - Trafodion - [issue]
...As part of storing UDR libraries in a blob column in metadata, we  extract and store these libraries locally during execution of the UDRs.  When a library is altered or dropped the old cache...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-28, 05:04
[TRAFODION-3192] UNION ALL up and down queue size default value too small, or not dynamically adjusted - Trafodion - [issue]
...The union up queue size is hardcoded in nadefaults.cpp as a start value as 16 whichis very low if large number of rows are being returned. Scan operator has it set to 2048.Some operators fur...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-15, 07:30
[TRAFODION-3208] Drop Volatile Schema needs IF EXISTS syntax addition - Trafodion - [issue]
...We  need to extend parser and add ‘if exists’ clause to the ‘drop volatile schema’ stmt.  DROP IMPLICIT VOLATILE SCHEMA if exists TABLES CLEANUP CASCADE;And add it to the call in dropVolatil...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-14, 18:10
[TRAFODION-3107]  selct count(0) with long varchar  hitting jvm OOM error - Trafodion - [issue]
...selct count(0) hitting jvm OOM error when clob as varchar and insert some 5MB *** ERROR[8448] Unable to access Hbase interface. Call to ...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:41
[TRAFODION-3092] Incorrect rowcount reported after commit conflict error - Trafodion - [issue]
...When there are 2 sessions doing concurrent SQL IUD operations like update or insert, a commit conflict can occur. When this error occurs, the rowcount reposrted by the SQL diagnostics is inc...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:41
[TRAFODION-3004] SQL dense buffers structure contain a size limit due to an incorrect cast - Trafodion - [issue]
...The problem is that we cast the length from UINT32 to unsigned short, in SqlBufferDense::add_tuple_desc(), before actually allocating the buffer for the tupp_descriptor. In my case, since th...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:41
[TRAFODION-2874] LOB: Add syntax to return filename  of a LOB data file for external LOBs. - Trafodion - [issue]
...For external LOBs,  Trafodion does not save the LOB data in it's internal trafodion namespace. It saves only the LOB  handle information and the actual LOB data remains outside in ...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:40
[TRAFODION-2873] LOB:Cleanup usage of LOBLoad which is deprecated and LobGlobals - Trafodion - [issue]
...The LOBGlobals structure contains information relevant to LOBLoad which was an operator initially designed to operate at the disk level. It is no longer needed/relevant so cleaning up that c...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:40
[TRAFODION-2832] LOB: Insert hangs with a mutli-row insertion that requires internal stringtolob() conversion - Trafodion - [issue]
...The LOB feature allows the user to specify a char string as the insert value. EsgynDB will automatically convert it into a LOB datatype, just as if the user has specified stringtolob() expli...    Author: Sandhya Sundaresan , 2018-09-05, 21:40