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[expand - 1 more] - [VOTE] Release of Apache Twill-0.12.1 [rc1] - Twill - [mail # dev]
...+1I tried these settings and with -Dtwill.zk.server.localhost=false my testsnow pass. Changing my vote to +1.Can we make this setting the default for unit tests? It is not obvious whetcauses...
   Author: Andreas Neumann , 2018-03-18, 00:33
[TWILL-44] Support non-Java Runnables - Twill - [issue]
...According to an email on the weave mailing list:"The Api is too complex and prone to error for data scientists with little knowledge in Java. Using a scripting language such as python or Per...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2018-02-01, 21:41
[TWILL-241] Allow specifying reserved off-heap memory and extra JVM options per runnable - Twill - [issue]
...Sometimes, a particular runnable needs a lot more off-heap memory than others. It would therefore be useful to specify the amount of reserved non-heap memory per runnable. Similarly, for exa...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-08-28, 18:29
[VOTE] Release of Apache Twill-0.12.0 [rc1] - Twill - [mail # dev]
...+1Verified all checksums, checked License and Notice, build and all testspassed (with -Dtwill.zk.server.localhost=false - must be an issue with myMac's /etc/hosts).-AndreasOn Mon, Aug 21, 20...
   Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-08-24, 01:48
anyone attending Apache Big Data Miami? - Twill - [mail # dev]
...Hi Martin,I will be at ApacheCon. Looking forward to meeting you there.Anybody else?-Andreas.On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Henry Saputra wrote:> Thanks for driving this, Martin. Unfort...
   Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-05-03, 07:48
[VOTE] Release of Apache Twill-0.11.0 [rc1] - Twill - [mail # dev]
...+1Build & tests passed, verified checksums, license and notice.Only minor issue is the NOTICE has "Copyright 2013-2016" which should beupdated to 2017. Not a showstopper to me, but should be...
   Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-04-05, 00:31
[TWILL-180] TwillController.onTerminated() should pass the exit status of the app to the callback - Twill - [issue]
...Listening to this callback, a client can only find out whether an app has terminated, but now how. That makes it hard to distinguish error scenarios: Was the app killed by the user? Did it f...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-04-04, 09:12
[TWILL-208] Location should have a way to set permissions when creating directories - Twill - [issue]
...That is, we need to introduce a methodboolean mkdirs(String permissions);...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-02-19, 07:24
[TWILL-205] Location should have a way to set the group ownership - Twill - [issue]
...This is needed to control access to files, which is often done by giving group permissions. Location already has a way to set the permissions, but it would be good if the group id could be c...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-02-19, 07:24
[TWILL-209] Location test should validate permissions - Twill - [issue]
...The HDFSLocationtest and FileContextLocationTest use MiniDFSCluster. This does not seem to enforce permissions when creating directories. The followng test should throw an exception due to l...    Author: Andreas Neumann , 2017-01-25, 06:34