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[expand - 2 more] - Subject: [VOTE] Release of Apache Twill-0.13.0 [rc1] - Twill - [mail # dev]
...I would think it's better to remove it, since 0.12.1 is a regular release,unless it is not.Thanks,YuliyaOn Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 1:26 PM, Poorna Chandra  wrote:> I added all the bugfi...
   Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2018-07-19, 20:32
[TWILL-260] Less invasive change to upgrade version of zkclient - Twill - [issue]
...This is related to TWILL-249The less invasive change is just to upgrade zkclient to the latest version.This should solve issues with trying to work around issues with zkclient library bug of...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2018-07-13, 22:25
[TWILL-255] incorrect logging after memory/cpu was adjusted - Twill - [issue]
...While adjusting resources for Containers when logging what was adjusted it shows values after adjustment, so it's not known what it was adjusted from.Affected are: adjustCapability()Hadoop20...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2018-03-16, 21:09
[TWILL-252] Not providing any feedback when size of the container requested can't be allocated - Twill - [issue]
...Looks like when YARN is configured with max memory per container (yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-mb) less then amount of memory end user allocates for their application and container is a...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-12-18, 18:00
[TWILL-249] Upgrade Twill to use newer version of kafka_2.10 - Twill - [issue]
...Currently to work around issue with secure cluster and how zkclient handles it we have that time zkcient was fixed (fix in version 0.7) B...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-10-17, 23:12
[TWILL-203] irrespective of number of CPUs specified in App Config it is always 1 - Twill - [issue]
...When trying to deploy Bundled Jar app and specifying number of CPUs > 1 it still defaults to 1 when application is starting.Version of YARN is: 2.7.2, Version of Twill is 0.8. Capacity sc...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-10-17, 23:07
[TWILL-243] Failed BundleRunnable is stuck in exiting state - Twill - [issue]
...I am using BundleRunnable and so far my experience was that in case of failure of my runnable container process never exits.And my impression it pretty much all the time stuck in executing S...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-08-10, 17:01
[TWILL-237] Twill is using hdfs HAUtil api that is nont-compatible with hadoop 2.8 - Twill - [issue]
...Twill is using hdfs.HAUtil apis that are suppose to be hdfs private and subsequently signature of isLogicalURI was changed (actually name was changed) in hadoop version 2.8Will post a patch ...    Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-08-04, 17:32
[expand - 1 more] - HelloWorld Struggle - Twill - [mail # dev]
...Do those env vars resolve on the NodeManager nodes correctly?On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 2:05 PM, Chris Hebert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:> Other YARN apps work fine. For example, I just...
   Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-06-12, 21:27
[expand - 1 more] - ENOENT error on upgrading to Twill 0.10.0 - Twill - [mail # dev]
...Code of your application you want to be running in YARN I believe :)On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 3:28 PM, Sam William  wrote:> Yes. 22 bytes looks like an empty zip file.  Any idea w...
   Author: Yuliya Feldman , 2017-03-27, 22:50