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[UIMA-3113] Try to reduce the CLI jars to just one - UIMA - [issue]
...Reduce clutter by removing most of the executable CLI jars. uima-ducc-cli.jar has all that is needed.  Change CLI scripts to use this jar with the appropriate class.  Keep the -sub...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-3150] DuccMonitor uses thread-unsafe OptionBuilder - UIMA - [issue]
...DuccMonitor is using the thread-unsafe OptionBuilder so occasionally get a false IllegalArgumentException when jobs submitted in parallel...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-3018] AllInOne doesn't use requested JVM - UIMA - [issue]
...With all-in-one flag DUCC jobs are run as APs with the default JVM - should be the one in the job properties...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-3023] CDE falsely refuses to add a parameters with the same name as one in a different group - UIMA - [issue]
...Having parameters with the same name in different groups is one of the main reasons for using groups! The CDE will edit them but won't create them, so the work-around is to create manually v...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2013-06-28, 21:53
[UIMA-3026] Processes should not inherit the agent's environment - UIMA - [issue]
...The CLI should include only a few useful values from the user's environment and the agent should launch the process with only the CLI-supplied values....    Author: Burn Lewis , 2013-12-20, 17:20
[UIMA-3038] Need to report reason for failure to start a service - UIMA - [issue]
...If the SM cannot start a service (e.g. resources unavailable) there may only be a ducc.log in the user's directory so it should be given the reason.  Trawling through the sm.log & r...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2013-10-29, 13:06
[UIMA-3311] Report the reason for descriptor override errors - UIMA - [issue]
...When descriptor parameter overrides are invalid the error msg is not very helpful...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:36
[UIMA-3312] Add new CLI option to enable or disable console logging - UIMA - [issue]
...Currently for DUCC jobs and APs the console is always written to a file, even when also streamed back to the client.  Add a new option flag to suppress the logging in case it is excessi...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2013-12-20, 17:12
[UIMA-3331] all-in-one mishandles multiple descriptor overrides - UIMA - [issue]
...Multiple overrides are now separated by whitespace but all-in-one still expects commas.  Also the launcher may need to quote values when building the executable args for the remote AP...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:35
[UIMA-3333] DUCC working directory must be absolute - UIMA - [issue]
...The CLI should check that the working directory is absolute.  The default is the current directory, defined in the options as "."It may not need to be writable...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:35