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[UIMA-6177] add .gitattributes to uimaj master-v2 - UIMA - [issue]
...copy the one from master....    Author: Marshall Schor , 2020-01-23, 20:32
[UIMA-6176] add .asf.yaml with description and homepage link - UIMA - [issue]
...Add the description and a homepage link, see    Author: Marshall Schor , 2020-01-22, 19:41
[UIMA-3047] get rid of noise in Maven builds due to m2e - UIMA - [issue]
...m2e plugin configuration causes Maven builds outside of Eclipse to report 2 warnings per project, that are extraneous.  Searching the web revealed there's a way to put this configuratio...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2020-01-30, 20:37
[UIMA-2290] start maven <name> values with Apache UIMA instead of just UIMA - UIMA - [issue]
...Branding guidelines say the "first use" of a name in websites / documentation of various kinds should use Apache XXX.  Page says ...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2020-01-30, 18:51
[UIMA-2311] wrong or no svn:eol-style set on many files in uimacpp - UIMA - [issue]
...Files that developers edit with text editors are usually marked with the svn property svn:eol-style native.  This insures that when they are checked out, the line endings are converted ...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2020-02-04, 15:48