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[UIMA-5822] DUCC pull service failures immediately after initialization may be treated as initialization failures - UIMA - [issue]
...Added a 30sec delay before sending the first work request.  The real problem may be in the sequence of state messages from agent > OR > SM...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2018-07-24, 14:25
[UIMA-5821] Pull service errors are not returned correctly - UIMA - [issue]
...The service returns a stringified stack trace which does not need to be deserialized by the client...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2018-07-24, 17:41
[UIMA-5862] RM can fail with a comparator violating its general contract - UIMA - [issue]
...Problem is  JobByTimeSorter in NodepoolScheduler...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2018-09-05, 16:22
[UIMA-2928] The manifests of the executable jars must be changed when any of its jars change - UIMA - [issue]
...The uimaj-core... jar was renamed to its usual form uima-core......    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-2932] CLI needs to specify how to start a custom service - UIMA - [issue]
...Currently CLI can create only ping-only custom services...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-3210] Simplify handling of deprecated CLI options - UIMA - [issue]
...For the first release it would be nice to remove or clean up as much of the deprecated code and options as possible....    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46
[UIMA-3236] Agent falsely rejects commands with no arguments - UIMA - [issue]
...This NodeAgent code is checking for no args instead of no executableprivate boolean invalidCommand(ICommandLine commandLine) {  return (commandLine == null || commandLine.getCommandLine...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:38
[UIMA-3237] When a service fails to start it because of incompatible UIMA/UIMA-AS jobs waiting on it hang - UIMA - [issue]
...Service 441's instance 7474 failed but job 7473 is still waiting for services.  The failure limit is 2 but only one instance was tried.  But the registry reports 2 work instances, ...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:37
[UIMA-3245] Lists of overrides should be white-space delimted to match other lists - UIMA - [issue]
...JVM args and environment settings are both white-space delimited, and support quoted vales ... for consistency the descriptor parameter overrides should follow the same conventions....    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:36
[UIMA-3105] AllInOne jobs do not need the full DUCC classpath - UIMA - [issue]
...Currently all-in-one uses a special file to get the complete DUCC classpath to add to jobs so as to emulate the normal job environment.  Creation of this file is tricky and since all-in...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2014-04-30, 18:46