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[UIMA-5869] The JCas getView method throws CasRuntimeException not CasException - UIMA - [issue]
...Code that uses JCas getView expects CasException to be thrown if a view is missing, but instead the underlying CAS.getView method throws CasRuntimeException.Either the code or the Javadocs s...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-04-01, 15:07
[UIMA-6103] start_ducc should always check ssh access - UIMA - [issue]
...Only one of the 2 ways to start agents makes the check ... change so both use the same code...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-07-30, 19:48
[UIMA-6109] Some DUCC classes are ignored by the DuccLogger - UIMA - [issue]
...Only the main daemon packages are logged in the daemon log files ... msgs from classes in the transport & common projects are sent to system.out and lost ...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-15, 14:33
[UIMA-6111] Service instance failures caused by resource issues should not penalize the service - UIMA - [issue]
...If the RM purges a node (e.g. missed heartbeats) the SM should not treat that as an init or runtime failure, allowing another instance to be started....    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-15, 14:33
[UIMA-6104] Agent should accept requests from a single head-node system - UIMA - [issue]
...The head-node state "unspecified" actually means a single-head system...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-15, 14:34
[UIMA-6099] DUCC should reject invalid scheduling class names - UIMA - [issue]
...Currently job requests hang if the scheduling class is unknown...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-15, 14:34
[UIMA-6114] Add the experiments page code - UIMA - [issue]
...Adds the Experiments button  ... could be made optional.Code checks if each Job or AP is a child of an experiment ... will display an empty page if none found. ...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-15, 14:41
[UIMA-6120] ducc_update fails if not invoked from a shell - UIMA - [issue]
...The script should not assume PWD has been set in the environment...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-26, 14:37
[UIMA-6116] Improve error msg when all job-driver slots are in use - UIMA - [issue]
...If a large number of jobs are submitted and all the available job-driver slots are in use jobs will be rejected.  The rejection msg should be changed from "job driver node unavailable" to "a...    Author: Burn Lewis , 2019-08-16, 21:46