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[UIMA-6059] update uima-wide build pom to use more https - UIMA - [issue]    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-06-07, 15:03
[UIMA-1249] CasManager_impl logic for lazy merge of the type system could lead to excessive work or missed errors - UIMA - [issue]
...The CasManager_impl class is sometimes (mostly?) (but not always) used when assembling a pipeline of UIMA components.  There is one instance of this associated with each Resource Manage...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-06-17, 15:28
[UIMA-5348] uimaFIT v3 - upgrade for uv3-alpha02 - UIMA - [issue]
...upgrade ExtendedLogger in uimaFIT for uv3 alpha02.  This has the new logging implementation.  Make the ExtendedLogger implement the Logger_common_impl, and add required methods.Fix...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-03-20, 18:07
[UIMA-6016] uv3 subiterator handling of some edge cases incorrect - UIMA - [issue]
...A user found a subiterator was marked not-valid, when there were annotations present, due to some wrong logic around test checking for if the found annotation was equal to the bounding one.A...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-03-29, 17:33
[UIMA-6017] uv3 make cascompare more useful by eliminating duplicate reporting - UIMA - [issue]
...When using the cas compare to discover the root cause of two CASs miscomparing, it is helpful to exclude showing miscompares that are caused by already reported miscompares. For example, if ...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-03-29, 18:05
[UIMA-6018] uv3 change release number 3.0.2 to 3.1.0 - UIMA - [issue]
...because of some api changes that can affect some users...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-04-01, 15:15
[UIMA-5991] uv3 augment Cas Compare to allow for a series of accomodations - UIMA - [issue]
...The Cas Compare class supports a small range of accomodations.  Document these better, and extend them to include more variations, including having specific String/FS/Arrays be sorted if nee...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-02-25, 23:05
[UIMA-5908] deprecate ResourceManagerPearWrapper - no longer used - UIMA - [issue]
...Deprecate no-longer used method and its factory methods...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-01-30, 19:42
[UIMA-5790] ConceptMapper (addon) use of FileXXStream should do appropriate buffering - UIMA - [issue]
...Methods in concept mapper like serializeEntries(FileOutputStream output) should be changed to just OutputStream, and should check to see if buffering is being done, and if not, wrap in a Buf...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-01-30, 20:00
[UIMA-5976] uv3 support additional JCas / type system use case - UIMA - [issue]
...UIMA allows multiple pipelines having multiple type systems to be run under one single class loader.  Sometimes these type systems have somewhat different versions.  When JCas is used (withi...    Author: Marshall Schor , 2019-01-31, 22:18