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Rename "DefaultMetricsConsumer" to "VespaMetricsConsumer" - Vespa - [issue]
...This has no effect outside the config model.I will add a new "default" public consumer for the http api handler shortly....    Author: gjoranv , 2019-06-19, 15:34
Support multiple major versions of config def files - Vespa - [issue]
...The configserver currently only supports config def files for its own major version. It must also support n earlier major versions. This is necessary to allow deploying apps that use config ...    Author: gjoranv , 2019-04-10, 13:44
Gjoranv/metrics proxy container - Vespa - [issue]
...This sets up a new 'metrics' container cluster, with one container on every node. But only in CD for now....    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-26, 09:44
Fail upon warnings. - Vespa - [issue]    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-18, 14:43
Remove unnecessary use of 'isHostedVespa' in Containers. - Vespa - [issue]    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-20, 08:41
Add metrics for deployment warnings - Vespa - [issue]
...We should be able to track applications with deployment warnings. Upon deploying an application, we should at least emit the total number of deployment warnings. Preferably, we should define...    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-20, 13:07
Aggregate deployment warnings to avoid excessive logging - Vespa - [issue]
...Some applications generate a very long list of deployment warnings, e.g. due to use of header/body in their search definitions. These warnings should be aggregated to avoid hiding other and ...    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-20, 13:07
Use 'index' from super class. (MERGEOK) - Vespa - [issue]    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-22, 09:30
Check for null 'http' (MERGEOK) - Vespa - [issue]
...@bjorncs...    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-22, 09:29
Gjoranv/container cluster implementations - Vespa - [issue]    Author: gjoranv , 2019-03-14, 08:11