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Use bucket_space metric in retirement - Vespa - [issue]
...This makes the Cluster Controller use thevds.datastored.bucket_space.buckets_total, dimension bucketSpace=default, todetermine whether a content node manages zero buckets, and if so, will al...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-20, 08:29
Set suspendedSeconds even if zero - Vespa - [issue]
...If suspendedSeconds is not set the previous value is kept, which is wrong as itis logically 0 at that time, and is especially confusing in staging where asingle node is reused often, and the...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-31, 10:20
Prepare for setting PERMANENTLY_DOWN - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-30, 11:54
Since-timestamp on Orc suspended status - Vespa - [issue]
...Introduce a new type of suspension status: PERMANENTLY_DOWN, whichis set when a node is scheduled to be removed from the application.A normal resume call will NOT clear PERMANENTLY_DOWN.Stor...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-24, 11:14
Remove unused include-sis-in-truststore flag definition - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-28, 13:32
New metric: seconds node has been suspended - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-29, 11:14
Remove use-bucket-space-metric feature flag - Vespa - [issue]
...The flag controlled config read by the Cluster Controller. Therefore, I haveleft the ModelContextImpl.Properties method and implementation (now alwaysreturning true), but the model has stopp...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-27, 13:02
Make new host-status canonical - Vespa - [issue]
...In moving from old host-status-service/APP/hosts to new host-status/APP/hosts:Currently and before this PR, the ALLOWED_TO_BE_DOWN hosts are the union ofthe hosts in new and old. Other hosts...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-01-29, 13:23
Avoid wrapping timeout exception (causing 504) with batch internal error (causing 500) - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hakonhall , 2020-02-03, 10:22
Reduce access logging - Vespa - [issue]
...Avoids writing access logs in various tests.Disables by-default access logging with Application, since it is used inunit tests.  2. However many tests create additional DeployState whic...    Author: hakonhall , 2020-02-05, 17:09