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Set Athenz domain also when deploying from existing session (e.g. in … - Vespa - [issue]
...…internal redeployment)...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-26, 13:17
Revert "It is more efficient to use connection per target until limit is reac…" - Vespa - [issue]
...Reverts #12754Sorry, missed that this broke unit tests before I merged.Alternatively, just merge the fix in #12756...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-29, 21:17
Update test - Vespa - [issue]
...Alternative to #12755...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-29, 21:16
Use image for child node type if set - Vespa - [issue]
...If docker image is set for a node type, use that image when preloading docker image by host-admin for the corresponding host type. Avoids unnecessarily downloading an image that will not be ...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-26, 10:29
Remove dead code - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-30, 19:29
Lower log level, seems to be common and not worth a warning - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-30, 19:28
Remove unused argument - Vespa - [issue]
...Unused, so unless this is component is required to be constructed before ConfigServerBootstrap in some way I cannot see it can be removed....    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-30, 18:50
Revert "Make sure to only add to downloads when rpc call succeeds" - Vespa - [issue]
...Reverts #12760...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-30, 20:03
Make sure to only add to downloads when rpc call succeeds - Vespa - [issue]
...Synchronize around all code that tries to start download and onlyadd to downloads if call succeeds....    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-30, 14:59
Hmusum/set athenz domain in deployment - Vespa - [issue]
...First commit is the real change, second is just refactoring...    Author: hmusum , 2020-03-31, 08:43