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Use correct path for submission >_< - Vespa - [issue]
...@bjorncs please review and merge....    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-06, 10:30
Add a memory fence for application deployment reads in step runner - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review and merge.The lack of this has caused some jobs to fail: deployment happens, then, a second later, a different thread wants to check convergence, but doesn't yet see th...    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-22, 12:24
Fix some endpoint visibility issues - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review and merge.This allows the 100 consecutive OKs to fail occasionally, even though it's more than 15 minutes since deployment (and endpoints should be visible).It also mak...    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-22, 05:00
Set environment variable to mimick SD - Vespa - [issue]
...@mpolden please review and merge....    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-24, 14:12
Use the name "tester" for the tester container cluster - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review and merge....    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-16, 14:03
Add vespa-maven-plugin to the aggregator maven-plugins - Vespa - [issue]
...@hakonhall please review....    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-21, 14:44
Jvenstad/tenant deletion and zk watcher corrections - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review. Perhaps this should be merged on its own, and the watcher stuff if this proves OK?...    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-27, 11:41
Jvenstad/zk watcher serialisation - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review. The first three commits are already part of #9539.This makes all ZK caches run on a single thread, which delegates as quickly as possible to an executor which serialis...    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-27, 11:41
Jvenstad/config super model last take - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review.Instead of changing the system test, I added the last commit, so the test that attempts to activate without prepare will get the same error as before....    Author: jonmv , 2019-05-27, 11:40
Print stack traces when JUnit tests fail, also on testers - Vespa - [issue]
...@hmusum please review and merge....    Author: jonmv , 2019-06-08, 05:39