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[YARN-7451] Add missing tests to verify the presence of custom resources of RM apps and scheduler webservice endpoints - YARN - [issue]
... Originally, this issue was about serializing custom resources along with normal resources in the RM apps and scheduler webservice endpoints.However, as YARN-7817 implemented this sooner, th...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-07-07, 12:35
[YARN-6540] Resource Manager is spelled "Resource Manger" in and - YARN - [issue]    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-04-24, 20:50
[YARN-7200] SLS generates a realtimetrack.json file but that file is missing the closing ']' - YARN - [issue]
...File hadoop-tools/hadoop-sls/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/yarn/sls/scheduler/ shows:  void tearDown() throws Exception {    if (metricsLogBW != null) &...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-04-24, 16:46
[YARN-7627] [ATSv2] When passing a non-number as metricslimit, the error message is wrong - YARN - [issue]
...curl "$ATS_URL/ws/v2/timeline/apps/application_1512430070811_0022/entities/MAPREDUCE_JOB?metricslimit=w" returns:{"exception":"BadRequestException","message":"java.lang.Exception: createdTim...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-04-17, 08:02
[YARN-7528] Resource types that use units need to be defined at RM level and NM level or when using small units you will overflow max_allocation calculation - YARN - [issue]
...When the unit is not defined in the RM, the LONG_MAX default will overflow in the conversion step....    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-01-30, 17:42
[YARN-6894] RM Apps API returns only active apps when query parameter queue used - YARN - [issue]
...If you run RM's Cluster Applications API with no query parameters, you get a list of apps.If you run RM's Cluster Applications API with any query parameters other than "queue" you get the li...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2018-01-04, 05:41
[YARN-7549] RM cluster scheduler API does not show resource types usage for fair scheduler - YARN - [issue]
...To maintain consistency with the RM web UI, the resource types should be added to: max resources used resources demand resources steady fair share...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2017-11-22, 00:21
[YARN-7545] RM REST API cluster apps missing documentation for "resourceRequests" - YARN - [issue]
...I see "resourceRequests" when running the RM Cluster Apps API however it is not mentioned in the current docs though it's visible in the example output.    Author: Grant Sohn , 2017-11-21, 06:47
[YARN-6718] NodeManager logging has "Received" mispelled as "Recieved" - YARN - [issue]
...Saw "Recieved SHUTDOWN signal from Resourcemanager" in the NM logs....    Author: Grant Sohn , 2017-06-19, 21:58
[YARN-5267] RM REST API doc for app lists "Application Type" instead of "applicationType" - YARN - [issue]
...From the docs:Note that depending on security settings a user might not be able to see all the fields.Item Data Type Descriptionid string The application iduser string The user who started t...    Author: Grant Sohn , 2017-06-17, 06:40