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[YARN-8736] Add support for accessing logs of NodeManager via YARN web proxy, which may run behind firewall - YARN - [issue]
...NodeManager may need to be ran in some separated network or behind firewall, with which the machine is not directly reachable and a proxy is required, from current YARN web UI there is no su...    Author: Xiao Liang , 2018-08-31, 02:11
[YARN-8527] Fix test case failures of TestResourceTrackerService on Windows - YARN - [issue]
...Failed cases:org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.TestResourceTrackerService.testNodeRemovalNormallyorg.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.TestResourceTrackerService.testNode...    Author: Xiao Liang , 2018-07-13, 00:29
[YARN-8526] Fix TestNodeManagerResync.testContainerResourceIncreaseIsSynchronizedWithRMResync failure on Windows - YARN - [issue]
...Currently it's failing with:Error MessageContainerState is not correct (timedout)Stacktracejava.lang.AssertionError: ContainerState is not correct (timedout) at    Author: Xiao Liang , 2018-07-13, 00:29
[YARN-8168] Add support in Winutils for reporting CPU cores in all CPU groups, and aggregate kernel time, idle time and user time for all CPU groups - YARN - [issue]
...Currently winutils can only report the CPU cores of the CPU group that it's running in, and the cpuTimeMs calculated from kernel time, idle time and user time is also for that CPU group only...    Author: Xiao Liang , 2018-04-27, 01:26
[YARN-8172] Unit test coverage for C code of winutils - YARN - [issue]
...Currently there's no UT coverage for the C code of winutils, which should be added....    Author: Xiao Liang , 2018-04-18, 00:37