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[YETUS-898] smart-apply-patch confused on what to apply in presence of multiple optoins - Yetus - [issue]
...I'm working on YETUS-896 and smart apply patch is getting the wrong stuff.Right now the state is:* Jira exists in state Open Jira has a file attached from 22 July (it's a png and clearly nam...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-08-09, 12:37
[YETUS-901] Update Haskell compiler so that shellcheck 0.7.0 compiles - Yetus - [issue]
...New-ish version of shellcheck. maybe needs a newer version of cabal to install?Downloading ShellCheck-0.7.0...Configuring ShellCheck-0.7.0...Failed to install ShellCheck-0.7.0Build log ( /ro...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-08-14, 14:33
[YETUS-907] Building website in the project provided container fails. - Yetus - [issue]
...Attempting to use the project provided container fails when running mvn site site:stage after a successful install.Looks like a problem with a ruby gem not having a fixed version and getting...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-08-23, 13:41
[YETUS-899] Release 0.11.0 - Yetus - [issue]    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-08-30, 06:07
[YETUS-906] Site goal hangs when building Website/Documentation module - Yetus - [issue]
...When attempting to build the website via mvn site site:stage the release doc maker call appears to hang.In this example, there was a placeholder jira for 0.12.0 in Resolved status and the bu...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:51
[YETUS-900] corrections to release process docs - Yetus - [issue]
...track issues I find while going through release for 0.11.0 so I can fix them after....    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-17, 19:51
[YETUS-932] Update copyrights for 2020 - Yetus - [issue]    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-01-21, 01:44
[YETUS-918] smart-apply-patch should include a "closes #foo" when apply github PRs in committer mode - Yetus - [issue]
...It would be nice if smart-apply-patch included one of the keyword phrases in the commit message to close out the referenced pr when processing a github contribution in committer mode. https:...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-03-05, 15:19
[YETUS-633] GitHub Checks integration - Yetus - [issue]
...GitHub has launched a feature for putting CI feedback into its own tab: be nice. lots of open questions....    Author: Sean Busbey , 2020-03-05, 15:59
[YETUS-913] Docker mode pre-commit can't use JAVA_HOME defined in dockerfile - Yetus - [issue]
...Over in HBase we use different JDKs depending on the branch, due to our compatibility promises in major release lines. For test-patch runs, this changes the set of JDKs we install in each br...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-09-16, 13:43