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[ZEPPELIN-3994] Notebook serving - Zeppelin - [issue]
...To see motivation, goal, design and architecture, please see    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-06-07, 09:36
[ZEPPELIN-2619] Save note in [Title].zpln instead of [NOTEID]/note.json - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Currently all notebook storage implementations (GitNotebookRepo, VFSNotebookRepo, etc) stores notebook [NoteID]/note.json.This dir/file name convention is not human friendly. Also it's not f...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-06-14, 08:03
[ZEPPELIN-4022] Release 0.9.0 - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Umbrella issue that tracks release 0.9.0.Please link any blockers here....    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-13, 02:19
[ZEPPELIN-4100] Builtin visualization enhanced streaming support - Zeppelin - [issue]
...ZEPPELIN-3340 introduced support for streaming data visualization.However, has some limitations like Initial chart selection and setup required Switching visualization during progress is not...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-29, 17:27
[ZEPPELIN-4004] RemoteResource.invokeMethod() has broken - Zeppelin - [issue]
...RemoteResource is a representation of object in ResourcePool in Interpreter running on another process.RemoteResource provides a invokeMethod() to call method of an object remotely, which is...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-18, 04:16
[ZEPPELIN-3840] Zeppelin on Kubernetes - Zeppelin - [issue]
... GoalMake Zeppelin run on Kubernetes environment. - Run Zeppelin daemon as a Deployment, with RBAC to create/delete Pods for interpreters - Run Standard interpreters as Pods  - Run Spark int...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-05-03, 22:43
[ZEPPELIN-4023] Document note file conversion from 0.8 -> 0.9 - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Since 0.9.0 changes note file naming convention, how to convert existing note files need to be documented and well explained from install / upgrade section. Include note file naming conventi...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-05, 01:07
[ZEPPELIN-4024] Dark theme - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Who don't want dark theme?...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-05, 03:51
[ZEPPELIN-3988] Text output include '\r' char does not displayed correctly - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Text output '\r' is not displayed....    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-03-01, 19:07
[ZEPPELIN-4349] Flaky test - org.apache.zeppelin.python.IPythonInterpreterTest.testIPythonPlotting - Zeppelin - [issue]
... run: 11, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 71.611 sec <<< FAILURE! - in org.apache.zeppelin.python.IPythonInt...    Author: Lee moon soo , 2019-09-25, 01:20