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[ZEPPELIN-3613] Cluster Session module design - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Since the Interpreter process in Zeppelin is a resident process, the Zeppelin-Server service natively saves the runtime environment of the user, Note, and the Thrift remote connection of the...    Author: Xun Liu , 2018-09-16, 00:44
[ZEPPELIN-4075] Workflow - Flow Graph Module - Zeppelin - [issue]
...In the graph page, mainly perform the addition of the job and edit the dependencies between the jobs.Work content:    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-05-14, 15:42
[ZEPPELIN-4159] Fixed ZeppelinIT#testAngularDisplay() failure - Zeppelin - [issue]
...1. println  setTextOfParagraph(1, "println(\"%angular <div id=\\'angularTestButton\\' ng-click=\\'myVar=myVar+1\\'>BindingTest_{{myVar}}_</div>\")");2. clickdriver.findElement(By...    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-05-16, 15:04
[ZEPPELIN-3626] Cluster server and client module design - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Cluster management serverThe cluster management server uses the Raft algorithm library Atomix to form a service cluster with consistent service status in the Zeppelin cluster. The cluster ma...    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-05-16, 15:48
[ZEPPELIN-4171] Configuration paragraph is empty to execute - Zeppelin - [issue]
...In some cases,For example: %sh.terminal interpreterThe paragraph is empty and can be executedAdd the config configuration section in the interpreter-setting.json file of the interpreter. "co...    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-05-27, 16:44
[ZEPPELIN-4164] submarine CommandParser causes openjdk to fail to compile - Zeppelin - [issue]    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-05-22, 06:26
[ZEPPELIN-4181] Run corntab scheduled task with an isolated environment - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Run a scheduled task with an isolated environmentThis can be avoided when the task is scheduled,1. note's interpreter is occupied2. note modification, affecting scheduling tasks...    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-06-07, 09:41
[ZEPPELIN-4131] Add %sh.terminal interpreter - Zeppelin - [issue]
...The current shell interpreter functionality is simple. Execute a command, Session does not record the status after executing the command You can only enter all the commands in one ...    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-06-15, 02:58
[ZEPPELIN-4198] Fixed delete note sub dir faild - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Remove the non-root directory in the multi-level directory of attention, fail....    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-06-17, 09:45
[ZEPPELIN-4196] Fixed reload note from storage is invalid - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Click the refresh button on the zeppelin note list page. Unable to reload note from file system....    Author: Xun Liu , 2019-06-17, 09:49