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[expand - 1 more] - “error: not found: value z” when using cluster mode - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...I tried branch-0.8, and it works for me, could you let me know what sparkversion do you use ? and what is the stacktrace ?Paul Brenner  于2019年5月16日周四 上午4:27写道:> We are using 0.8.2 an...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-16, 01:42
[expand - 1 more] - Zeppelin 0.8.0 can not work with Spark 2.4.3 - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...It's not yet, but it is targeted for 0.9Pastrana, Rodrigo (RIS-BCT) 于2019年5月20日周一 下午11:40写道:> Do we know if zeppelin 0.9.x will support spark 2.4.3 (scala 2.12)? Thanks.>>>> *...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-20, 15:49
Interpreter that appends data to the front-end - Zeppelin - [mail # dev]
...Spark interpreter support streaming output, Basically, InterpreterOutput isthe class for streaming output.
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-20, 08:14
[expand - 1 more] - Angular version upgrade in Zeppelin - Zeppelin - [mail # dev]
...There's some work going on, but it would require time as this is not atrivial upgrade. The ETA would be next half of this year IMO.Denny Wong  于2019年5月13日周一 上午11:00写道:> Hi>> An...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-13, 03:04
[expand - 3 more] - 0.9 Zeppelin release schedule - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...No exact release date planned, I hope it would be in this summer.Pastrana, Rodrigo (RIS-BCT) 于2019年5月13日周一 下午10:56写道:> Hello Zeppelin community,>> Do we know when to expect 0.9 pre-...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-13, 14:58
[expand - 3 more] - [discuss] if runners permission is empty, every authenticated user can view the notebook - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...I think the default value should be the user who created the note.Xun Liu  于2019年5月23日周四 下午10:28写道:> Hi Folks,>>> if runn...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-23, 14:38
[expand - 4 more] - Failed to start Zeppelin - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...This is probably due to your old interpreter.json file underZEPPELIN_CONF_DIR.You can first stop zeppelin, then delete interpreter.json and restartzeppelin.xiufeng liu  于2019年6月10日周一 上午...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-06-10, 01:30
Zeppelin New features : %sh.terminal has been merged into the master branch - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...Create work ! Thanks XunXun Liu  于2019年6月14日周五 上午9:50写道:> Hi Folks,>> %sh.terminal has been merged into the master branch.>> PR:
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-06-14, 01:57
Flink Interpreter for Java 1.8.0 - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...Hi Ravi,Thanks for the interest on flink on zeppelin. Currently it doesn't supportflink 1.8, I am working on it, try to support flink 1.9 which is supposedto be released this summer.BTW, cou...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-28, 13:26
Zeppelin log files in windows - Zeppelin - [mail # user]
...Hi Ravi,Sorry for the inconvenience. The community has no bandwidth to keep thestability of zeppelin on windows. I would recommend you to install zeppelinin linux if that works for you.Ravi ...
   Author: Jeff Zhang , 2019-05-28, 13:33