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[ZOOKEEPER-3145] Potential watch missing issue due to stale pzxid when replaying CloseSession txn with fuzzy snapshot - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...This is another issue I found recently, we haven't seen this problem on prod (or maybe we don't notice). Currently, the CloseSession is not idempotent, executing the CloseSession twice won't...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-20, 10:05
[ZOOKEEPER-3125] Pzxid inconsistent issue when replaying a txn for a deleted node - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...When taking snapshot or syncing snapshot from leader, it's having fuzzy snapshot, which means the parent node might already serialized before the child get deleted, during replay the txn it ...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-20, 09:15
[ZOOKEEPER-3146]  Limit the maximum client connections per IP in NettyServerCnxnFactory - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...There is maximum connections per IP limit in NIOServerCnxnFactory implementation, but not exist in Netty, this is useful to avoid spamming happened on prod ensembles. This Jira is going to a...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-19, 18:25
[ZOOKEEPER-3124] Add the correct comment to show why we need the special logic to handle cversion and pzxid - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...The old comment about setCversionPzxid is not valid, the scenario it mentioned won't trigger the issue, update it to show the exact reason.  ...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-19, 16:50
[ZOOKEEPER-3127] Fixing potential data inconsistency due to update last processed zxid with partial multi-op txn - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Found this issue while checking the code for another issue, this is a relatively rare case which we haven't seen it on prod so far.Currently, the lastProcessedZxid is updated when applying t...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-19, 16:29
[ZOOKEEPER-3150] Data integrity check when loading snapshot/txns from disk - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...This is a sub task of ZOOKEEPER-3114, which is going to check the data integrity by calculating the hash value of data tree, and compare the value when reload the snapshot/txns from disk....    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-19, 06:09
[ZOOKEEPER-3114] Built-in data consistency check inside ZooKeeper - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...The correctness of ZooKeeper was kind of proved in theory in ZAB paper, but the implementation is a bit different from the paper, for example, save the currentEpoch and proposals/commits upo...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-19, 03:13
[ZOOKEEPER-3144] Potential ephemeral nodes inconsistent due to global session inconsistent with fuzzy snapshot - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Found this issue recently when checking another prod issue, the problem is that the current code will update lastProcessedZxid before it's actually making change for the global sessions in t...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-14, 22:55
[expand - 3 more] - ZooKeeper 3.5 blocker issues - ZooKeeper - [mail # dev]
...Oh, sorry for the confusion, I should provide more context.Leader will use on disk txn sync with followers to if the peer zxid is notin it's in memory commit logs, the code is here: Leader o...
   Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-14, 17:09
[ZOOKEEPER-2845] Data inconsistency issue due to retain database in leader election - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...In ZOOKEEPER-2678, the ZKDatabase is retained to reduce the unavailable time during leader election. In ZooKeeper ensemble, it's possible that the snapshot is ahead of txn file (due to slow ...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-09-14, 00:19