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[SPARK-27612] Creating a DataFrame in PySpark with ArrayType produces some Rows with Arrays of None - Spark - [issue]
...This seems to only affect Python 3.When creating a DataFrame with type ArrayType(IntegerType(), True) there ends up being rows that are filled with None. In [1]: from pyspark.sql.types impor...    Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-05-04, 04:22
ARROW-3191: Making ArrowBuf work with arbitrary memory and setting io.netty.tryReflectionSetAccessible to true for java builds - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Hi Sidd,Does setting the system property io.netty.tryReflectionSetAccessible totrue have any other adverse effect other than those warnings during build?BryanOn Thu, May 2, 2019 at 8:43 PM J...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-05-03, 17:21
[expand - 4 more] - [VOTE][SPARK-27396] SPIP: Public APIs for extended Columnar Processing Support - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...I looked at the updated SPIP and I think the reduced scope sounds better.From the Spark Summit, it seemed like there was a lot of interest incolumnar processing and this would be a good star...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-05-03, 01:00
pySpark - pandas UDF and binaryType - Spark - [mail # user]
...Hi,BinaryType support was not added until Spark 2.4.0, see Also, pyarrow 0.10.0 orgreater is require as you saw in the docs.BryanOn Thu, May...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-05-02, 20:32
[expand - 1 more] - Thoughts on dataframe cogroup? - Spark - [mail # dev]
...Apologies for not leaving feedback yet. I'm a little swamped this week withthe Spark Summit, but this is at the top of my list to get to for next week.BryanOn Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 4:18 AM Ch...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-23, 23:17
[SPARK-27276] Increase the minimum pyarrow version to 0.12.1 - Spark - [issue]
...The current minimum version is 0.8.0, which is pretty ancient since Arrow has been moving fast and a lot has changed since this version. There are currently many workarounds checking for dif...    Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-19, 17:09
[SPARK-25079] moving from python 3.4 to python 3.6.8, impacts all active branches - Spark - [mail # dev]
...Great work, thanks Shane!On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 2:46 PM shane knapp  wrote:> alrighty folks, the future is here and we'll be moving to python 3.6> monday!>> all three PRs a...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-18, 23:26
[SPARK-27387] Replace sqlutils assertPandasEqual with Pandas assert_frame_equal in tests - Spark - [issue]
...In PySpark unit tests, sqlutils ReusedSQLTestCase.assertPandasEqual is meant to check if 2 pandas.DataFrames are equal but it seems for later versions of Pandas, this can fail if the DataFra...    Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-11, 17:19
[VOTE] Proposed change to Arrow Flight protocol: endpoint URIs - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...+1 (non-binding)On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 1:07 PM Antoine Pitrou  wrote:>> +1 (binding).>> Regards>> Antoine.>>> Le 08/04/2019 à 20:36, Antoine Pitrou a écrit :&...
   Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-08, 20:31
[ARROW-5062] [Java] Shade Java Guava dependency for Flight - Arrow - [issue]
...The Guava dependency in the Java Flight module can interfere if using Flight in an application that relies on an older version of Guava.  We can shade the usage in Flight to prevent this....    Author: Bryan Cutler , 2019-04-04, 20:18