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[expand - 3 more] - Topics for Drill Hackathon/Drill Developers Day - 2018! - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Hello All,Please vote for the list of the topics which you would be interested in.This will be very helpful to prioritize the topics on Developer Day.
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-10-18, 04:50
[ANNOUNCE] New Committer: Chunhui Shi - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Chunhui.On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 9:26 AM Padma Penumarthy wrote:> Congratulations Chunhui.>> Thanks> Padma>>> On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 2:17 AM Arina Ielchi...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-09-28, 17:04
Problem of adding support for CROSS JOIN syntax - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Hello Ihor,I am not clear on the mentioned goal of this JIRA. Can you please clarifyon this using some examples."But main goal of this task is to allow explicit cross joins in querieswhen op...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-09-27, 21:42
[CALCITE-2507] Aliasing a star in select list should throw a parsing error. - Calcite - [issue]
...Currently aliasing a Star column is not throwing an exception in parser. There is a TODO for a simple test case (in to throw an error in parser phase itself. Change the p...    Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-09-27, 12:23
Some questions about sorting pushdown to custom plugins - Drill - [mail # user]
...If I understand it correctly, you may need to write new storage pluginrules (as similar to that of other storage plugin rules) to supportprojection pushdown and limit pushdown for your custo...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-28, 17:52
Apache drill High availability - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Unlike other databases or data engines drill doesn't store data in its ownstorage engine. So high availability of the data when using Drill means thestorage engine needs to support high avai...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-28, 17:20
[ANNOUNCE] New PMC member: Volodymyr Vysotskyi - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Volodymyr!Thanks,-HanuOn Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 10:22 AM Paul Rogers wrote:> Congratulations Volodymyr!> Thanks,> - Paul>>>>     On Friday, Augus...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-24, 17:25
[expand - 1 more] - Drill Hangout tomorrow 08/21 - Drill - [mail # user]
...Hangout attendees on 08/21:Pritesh, Salim, Hanumath, Boaz, Robert, Jyothsna, Karthik, Gautam, Vitalli,Vova, Parth, OlekVitalli and Vova gave a presentation on Drill Metadata management proje...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-22, 05:28
[ANNOUNCE] New PMC member: Boaz Ben-Zvi - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations, Boaz!On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 10:22 AM Kunal Khatua  wrote:> Congratulations, Boaz!!> On 8/17/2018 10:11:32 AM, Paul Rogers  wrote:> Congratulations Boaz!&...
   Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-17, 17:24
[DRILL-6671] Multi level lateral unnest join is throwing an exception during materializing the plan. - Drill - [issue]
...testMultiUnnestAtSameLevel in TestE2EUnnestAndLateral is throwing an execution in This is due to incorrect matching of Unnest and Lateral join. ...    Author: Hanumath Rao Maduri , 2018-08-13, 10:45