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[VOTE] Release Apache Atlas version 1.1.0 - rc2 - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...Verified the following functionalities:- Hooks - Hive , HBase.- Verified tag propagation change with respect to deleted entities.- UI functionalities like Creating , Associating tag , Search...
   Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-09-10, 05:15
[ATLAS-2325] Creating entity containing attribute of type set with duplicate values - Atlas - [issue]
...Creating an entity having an attribute of type set with duplicate values is expected to have only unique values. But duplicate values are retained.Example : POSTing [1,2,3,1] stored ...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-08-30, 21:55
[ATLAS-2826] Saving Search fails with 403 auth error after the new relationship auth changes - Atlas - [issue]
...Saving search as any user fails with 403 after new fine grained authorization support added for relationship.Attached the complete stack trace....    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-08-16, 21:06
[ATLAS-2257] hive_column type definition changes for position and table attributes when updated - Atlas - [issue]
...On a fresh instance of Atlas , following is the type definition of hive_column :{     category:"ENTITY",   guid:"076ceac2-5c0d-400f-8f89-ab455125191d",   c...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-08-07, 09:42
[HBASE-19318] MasterRpcServices#getSecurityCapabilities explicitly checks for the HBase AccessController implementation - HBase - [issue]
...Sharmadha brought a failure to my attention trying to use Ranger with HBase 2.0 where the grant command was erroring out unexpectedly. The cluster had the Ranger-specific coprocessors deploy...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-08-01, 06:23
[HBASE-19962] Regression : Unable to use the variable to which a table is assigned - HBase - [issue]
...Getting the table using variable t and using it to do HBase operations fails :hbase(main):010:0> t = get_table 't'Took 0.0015 secondshbase(main):011:0> t.scanNoMethodError: undefined m...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-08-01, 06:23
[ATLAS-2350] UI : After Notification pops up with some error notification for search , there is an icon buffering forever. - Atlas - [issue]
...Fired an invalid DSL query :typename = hdfs_pathquery = where invalid_attribute = "h1"Error notification "Invalid expression " pops up. After that , there is an icon which is buffering forev...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-07-31, 09:03
[ATLAS-1645] Tag is not associated when value for optional attributes are not provided for byte ,date, double,float,short,int. - Atlas - [issue]
...1. Created 8 tags. 2. Each tag with one attribute of types byte,date, double,float,short,int, string,boolean. 3. Associated all the tags to an entity one by one without providing any value f...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-07-30, 13:11
[ATLAS-2268] UI : Faceted Search : Filters are not removed when not cleared between searches. - Atlas - [issue]
...1. In Basic search , fire search type = hive_table , filter = name contains hive. Apply Search2.Fire another search ,type = kafka_topic (without clicking clear button).3.Now fire search &nbs...    Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-07-23, 13:43
Atlas Typesystem - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...Hi Anshul ,Predefined type models are found in . For Storm specifically , please refer
   Author: Sharmadha Sainath , 2018-07-23, 06:51