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[HADOOP-15842] add to - Hadoop - [issue] HADOOP-15839 I left out "". Fix by adding it...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-19, 13:23
[HADOOP-15855] Review hadoop credential doc, including object store details - Hadoop - [issue]
...I've got some changes to make to the hadoop credentials API doc; some minor editing and examples of credential paths in object stores with some extra details (i.e how you can't refer to a st...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-19, 13:15
[HADOOP-15619] Über-JIRA: S3Guard Phase IV: Hadoop 3.3 features - Hadoop - [issue]
...Features for S3Guard for Hadoop 3.3. Goal: take the experimental tag off...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-19, 10:50
[HADOOP-14556] S3A to support Delegation Tokens - Hadoop - [issue]
...S3A to support delegation tokens where an authenticated client can request a token via FileSystem.getDelegationToken() Amazon's token service is used to request short-lived session secret &a...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-19, 00:06
[SPARK-25766] AMCredentialRenewer can leak FS clients - Spark - [issue]
...AMCredentialRenewer's scheduled writeNewCredentialsToHDFS operation creates a new FS connector each time, so as to access the store with refreshed credentialsbut it doesn't close it after, s...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-18, 16:50
[HADOOP-15281] Distcp to add no-rename copy option - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently Distcp uploads a file by two strategies append parts copy to temp then renameoption 2 executes the following sequence in promoteTmpToTarget    if ((fs.exists(target) &...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-17, 21:03
[HADOOP-15862] ABFS to support a Delegation Token provider which marshalls current login secrets - Hadoop - [issue]
...ABFS has an extension point for generating delegation tokens, presumably the implementation is actually using Kerberos to generate some secrets to pass around.HADOOP-14556 shows how an objec...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-17, 13:19
[MAPREDUCE-7154] TokenCache.obtainTokensForNamenodes() to get DTs even when security is off - MapReduce - [issue]
...Currently TokenCache.obtainTokensForNamenodes() returns immediately if security  disabled. This works when DTs are only built from Kerberos creds, but means that filesystems which serve...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-17, 13:19
[HADOOP-15839] Review + update cloud store sensitive keys in - Hadoop - [issue]
...Make sure that is up to date with all cloud store options, includings3a: s3a per-bucket secrets s3a session tokensh3: abfs    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-17, 13:02
github reporting transient JAR risks - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...FYI, I got email from github today telling me that we need to bump up httpclientBegin forwarded message:From: GitHub >Subject: [steveloughran/hadoop-trunk] One of your dependencies may ha...
   Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-10-17, 12:36