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[HADOOP-15888] ITestDynamoDBMetadataStore can leak (large) DDB tables in test failures/timeout - Hadoop - [issue]
...This is me doing some backporting of patches from branch-3.2, so it may be an intermediate condition but I'd noticed I wasn't actually running ITestDynamoDBMetadataStore so I set it up to wo...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-14, 16:07
[HADOOP-15894] getFileChecksum() needs to adopt S3Guard - Hadoop - [issue]
...Encountered a 404 failure in ITestS3AMiscOperations.testNonEmptyFileChecksumsUnencrypted; newly created file wasn't seen. Even with S3guard enabled, that method isn't doing anything to query...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-14, 11:38
[SPARK-19739] SparkHadoopUtil.appendS3AndSparkHadoopConfigurations to propagate full set of AWS env vars - Spark - [issue]
...SparkHadoopUtil.appendS3AndSparkHadoopConfigurations() propagates the AWS user and secret key to s3n and s3a config options, so getting secrets from the user to the cluster, if set.AWS also ...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-14, 11:17
[HADOOP-15763] Über-JIRA: abfs phase II: Hadoop 3.3 features & fixes - Hadoop - [issue]
...ABFS phase II: address issues which surface in the field; tune things which need tuning, add more tests where appropriate. Improve docs, especially troubleshooting. Classpaths. The usual....    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-13, 14:08
[HADOOP-15428] s3guard bucket-info will create s3guard table if FS is set to do this automatically - Hadoop - [issue]
...If you call hadoop s3guard bucket-info on a bucket where the fs is set to create a s3guard table on demand, then the DDB table is automatically created. As a resultthe bucket-info -unguarded...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-12, 15:52
[HADOOP-15489] S3Guard to self update on directory listings of S3 - Hadoop - [issue]
...S3Guard updates its table on a getFileStatus call, but not on a directory listing.While this makes directory listings faster (no need to push out an update), it slows down subsequent queries...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-12, 06:41
[HADOOP-14556] S3A to support Delegation Tokens - Hadoop - [issue]
...S3A to support delegation tokens where an authenticated client can request a token via FileSystem.getDelegationToken() Amazon's token service is used to request short-lived session secret &a...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-12, 01:29
[HADOOP-15229] Add FileSystem builder-based openFile() API to match createFile() - Hadoop - [issue]
...Replicate HDFS-1170 and HADOOP-14365 with an API to open files.A key requirement of this is not HDFS, it's to put in the fadvise policy for working with object stores, where getting the deci...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-11, 21:49
[YARN-9109] DelegationTokenRenewer not resilient to token classload problems - YARN - [issue]
...The DelegationTokenRenewer can't handle the situation of: token implementation class cannot be instantiated.This is because Token.decodeIdentifier() throws an RTE  on failure to instant...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-11, 21:20
[HADOOP-15808] Harden Token service loader use - Hadoop - [issue]
...The Hadoop token service loading (identifiers, renewers...) works provided there's no problems loading any registered implementation. If there's a classloading or classcasting problem, the e...    Author: Steve Loughran , 2018-12-11, 17:57