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[YARN-9354] TestUtils#createResource calls should be replaced with ResourceTypesTestHelper#newResource - YARN - [issue] has not identical, but very similar implementation to org.apache.hadoop.yarn.resourcetypes.ResourceT...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-08, 01:06
[YARN-9352] Multiple versions of createSchedulingRequest in FairSchedulerTestBase could be cleaned up - YARN - [issue]
...createSchedulingRequest in FairSchedulerTestBase is overloaded many times.This could be more cleaner is we introduced a builder instead of calling various forms of this method....    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-08, 01:05
[YARN-9355] RMContainerRequestor#makeRemoteRequest has confusing log message - YARN - [issue] has this log: if (ask.size() > 0 || release.size() > 0) {"getResources() for ...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-07, 23:47
[YARN-9362] Code cleanup in TestNMLeveldbStateStoreService - YARN - [issue]
...There are many ways to improve TestNMLeveldbStateStoreService: 1. RecoveredContainerState fields are asserted many times repeatedly. Some simple method extractions would definitely make this...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-07, 17:12
[YARN-9361] Write testcase for FSLeafQueue that explicitly checks if non-zero AM-share values are not overwritten for custom resources - YARN - [issue]
...This is a follow-up for YARN-9323, covering changes regarding explicit zero value check that has been discussed with Daniel Templeton earlier.YARN-9323 fixed a bug in FSLeafQueue#computeMaxA...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-07, 16:57
[YARN-9138] Improve test coverage for nvidia-smi binary execution of GpuDiscoverer - YARN - [issue]
...The code that executes nvidia-smi (doing GPU device auto-discovery) don't have much test coverage.This patch adds tests to this part of the code....    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-06, 10:48
[YARN-9139] Simplify initializer code of GpuDiscoverer - YARN - [issue]    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-01, 14:07
[YARN-8951] Defining default queue placement rule in allocations file with create="false" throws an NPE - YARN - [issue]
...If the default queue placement rule is defined with create="false" and a scheduling request is created for queue "root.default", then FairScheduler#assignToQueue throws an NPE, while trying ...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-03-01, 09:16
[YARN-8841] Analyze if ApplicationMasterService schedule tests can be applied to all scheduler types - YARN - [issue]
...This is a follow-up jira of YARN-8732.1. testResourceTypes() checks all three schedulers, fifo, capacity scheduler and fair scheduler. How about we split them into three classes respectively...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-02-28, 19:59
[YARN-9136] getNMResourceInfo NodeManager REST API method is not documented - YARN - [issue]
...I cannot find documentation for the resources endpoint in NMWebServices: /ws/v1/node/resources/{resourcename}I looked in the file for documentation but haven't found any.T...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-02-28, 13:24