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[FLINK-6974] Add BIN supported in TableAPI - Flink - [issue]
...See FLINK-6893 for detail....    Author: sunjincheng , 2018-01-10, 16:44
[FLINK-6893] Add BIN supported in SQL & Table API - Flink - [issue]
...BIN(N) Returns a string representation of the binary value of N, where N is a longlong (BIGINT) number. This is equivalent to CONV(N,10,2). Returns NULL if N is NULL. Syntax:BIN(num) Argumen...    Author: sunjincheng , 2018-01-10, 16:43
[FLINK-8323] Fix Mod scala function bug - Flink - [issue]
...As we know mod(1514356320000,60000)=0, but currently  we get `-15488` when call `MOD(1514356320000,60000)`....    Author: sunjincheng , 2018-01-04, 16:42
[FLINK-7465] Add build-in BloomFilterCount on TableAPI&SQL - Flink - [issue]
...In this JIRA. use BloomFilter to implement counting functions.BloomFilter Algorithm description:An empty Bloom filter is a bit array of m bits, all set to 0. There must also be k different h...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-12-19, 15:42
[FLINK-7558] Improve SQL ValidationException message. - Flink - [issue] SQL validation failed. Operand types of could not be inferred. at org.apache.flink.table.calcite.FlinkPlannerImpl.validate(    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-11-08, 13:15
[FLINK-7618] Add BINARY supported in FlinkTypeFactory - Flink - [issue]
...We will get the following exception when we deal with the BINARY Type is not supported: BINARY at org.apache.flink.table.api.TableException$.a...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-10-19, 19:40
[FLINK-7342] Add support for Regular Expression Operators (RLIKE) - Flink - [issue]
...Currently Regular Expression Operators (RLIKE)  are not supported. e.g.: select * from emps name rlike '^(K|G|W)' we'll get Error:Error: Error while executing SQL "select * from emps na...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-10-12, 12:38
[FLINK-6219] Add a sorted state primitive - Flink - [issue]
...When we implement the OVER window of FLIP11We notice that we need a state primitive which supports sorting, allows for efficient insertion, traversal in order, and removal from the head. For...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-10-09, 16:47
[FLINK-6204]  Update all OVER window ProcessFunction implementations to use the SortedQueueState - Flink - [issue]
...Currently `event time OVER ROWS BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING aggregation to SQL`  implementation  class: ` UnboundedEventTimeOverProcessFunction` use data size uncontrollable memory...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-10-09, 16:45
[CALCITE-1897] Support operator "%" as an alternative to "mod" - Calcite - [issue]
...Currently the following sql is not supported.   SELECT a%3 FROM T We get the exception:     Caused by: org.apache.calcite.sql.parser.SqlParseException: Lexical error...    Author: sunjincheng , 2017-10-02, 14:31