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[expand - 3 more] - [VOTE] Release Apache Flume version 1.4.0 RC1 - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Arvind, sounds reasonable to me.  Hari, any concerns with this approach?  Thanks, Mike  On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 12:25 AM, Arvind Prabhakar wrote:  > Given that there i...
   Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-29, 21:07
[expand - 1 more] - Flume 1.4.0 RC1 - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Hi Ashish, maybe rat:check won't look in the pom for the rat excludes config. Rat runs with every Flume build in the verify phase (set to do that in the top level pom) so I believe we're cov...
   Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-28, 07:46
Apache Flume meetup at Hadoop Summit - Flume - [mail # dev]
...This event is tonight! Hope to see many of you there.  Mike   On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Hari Shreedharan  wrote:  > Hi all, > > I am sorry if this is a b...
   Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 20:14
[expand - 1 more] - Branching out for 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Branching and tagging is done. It's safe to commit to trunk & flume-1.5 branches now.  Mike   On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Mike Percy  wrote:  > Please hold off on...
   Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:52
[FLUME-1178] Improve performance of SyslogTcpSource - Flume - [issue]
...SyslogTcpSource could be made faster via the following: compile patterns upon object construction Let netty do the newline framing ala    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12
[FLUME-1941] Support defaults or inheritance in configs - Flume - [issue]
...Proposal to support defaults or inheritance in configs.The idea is to create a "prototypal" component config, such as a source or sink, which is not necessarily instantiated but is used to a...    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12
[FLUME-1274] Clarify semantics of uncaught runtime exceptions thrown from configure() method - Flume - [issue]
...In FLUME-1273, I thought we may not be handling exceptions coming out of configure() in Configurable components very well. In actuality, the behavior is arguably quite sane. But we should in...    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12
[FLUME-1141] Avro compression unit test should fail if compression does not work - Flume - [issue]
...Follow-up from FLUME-1127. If the Avro library fails to recognize, i.e. "snappy" compression, the file will be written without compression but the test will still succeed because the Avro ro...    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12
[FLUME-1919] Consider adding areYouOK() RPC calls to Avro & Thrift RPC mechanisms - Flume - [issue]
...Currently it's not simple to see if an Avro RPC service is alive on a port from an external service (think hardware load balancer or health check daemon). If we added RPC calls for areYouOK(...    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12
[FLUME-1321] BasicTransactionSemantics should never throw from close() - Flume - [issue]
...Currently, BasicTransactionSemantics can throw from close(). This means that exceptions will be clobbered in cases where unexpected exceptions are thrown, since close() is idiomatically call...    Author: Mike Percy , 2013-06-25, 00:12