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[ZOOKEEPER-2929] [DNS Support] Zookeeper client still trying to establish the connection with old IP even after Zookeeper Server restarted with new IP when domain name configured at the client side - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...1. Zookeeper server deployed as a docker container in Kubernetes2. In the Java Client configured zookeeper 'domainname' for the server address 3. Once we restart the Zookeeper 'POD', the Zoo...    Author: Pavan , 2018-09-02, 10:48
[expand - 4 more] - How to upgrade zookeeper from 3.4.8 to 3.4.13? - ZooKeeper - [mail # user]
...I have removed other zookeeper-.jar and it is working fine.Thanks,On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 3:48 PM Norbert Kalmar wrote:> It's not because of versions. It's due to the fact there are multi...
   Author: Debraj Manna , Norbert Kalmar , ... , 2018-08-30, 10:20
[expand - 4 more] - [SUGGESTION] Jute's place in the new directory structure - ZooKeeper - [mail # dev]
...Hi Michael,Yes, there is a plan to have one more step, which will introducezookeeper-server and zookeeper-common top level directory, andzookeeper-client-java under zookeeper-client.See ZOOK...
   Author: Norbert Kalmar , Michael Han , ... , 2018-08-30, 09:03
[ZOOKEEPER-3135] ClientCnxnSocket#updateLastSendAndHeard() method update lastSend、lastHeard has some problem - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...ClientCnxnSocket#updateLastSendAndHeard() method update lastSend、lastHeard to now: void updateLastSendAndHeard() {    this.lastSend = now;    this.lastHeard = now;}void u...    Author: yangkun , 2018-08-30, 02:58
[ZOOKEEPER-3134] NIOServerCnxnFactory#run() method should remove synchronized (this) - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Now NIOServerCnxnFactory#run() method is: while (!ss.socket().isClosed()) {    try {;        Set<SelectionKe...    Author: yangkun , 2018-08-29, 13:34
[ZOOKEEPER-3126] Documentation: Overview page has missing content - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Documentation: Overview page has missing content marked as [tbd]Refer section "Nodes and ephemeral nodes" - Last line:"Eph...    Author: Pritish Kapoor , 2018-08-29, 08:19
[expand - 2 more] - Jute max buffer size related question - ZooKeeper - [mail # dev]
...Got it. That makes sense. Thanks!Let me know your thoughts on Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 6:10 PM Benjamin Reed  wrote:> we stop r...
   Author: Karan Mehta , Benjamin Reed , ... , 2018-08-29, 07:20
[ZOOKEEPER-3133] NIOServerCnxn.outstandingRequests is not updated correctly with sasl request - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...The outstandingRequests is being decreased when we send the response for sasl request, but it's never increased before we handle it, so it might cause mis-counted outstandingRequests, and mi...    Author: Fangmin Lv , 2018-08-28, 23:52
[ZOOKEEPER-706] large numbers of watches can cause session re-establishment to fail - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...If a client sets a large number of watches the "set watches" operation during session re-establishment can fail.for example: WARN  [NIOServerCxn.Factory:22801:NIOServerCnxn@417...    Author: Patrick Hunt , 2018-08-28, 21:42
[ZOOKEEPER-3130] What is the amount of zookeeper source code? - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Hello:      What is the amount of zookeeper source code? I use eclipse to calculate 3.4.6 version only 37035 rows, I feel so little that I can hardly believe it....    Author: Micheal_Bruce_Long , 2018-08-28, 12:33