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[DRILL-6691] Unify checkstyle-config.xml files - Drill - [issue]
...Currently, `drill-root` and `format-maprdb` modules contain `checkstyle-config.xml` own files.They should be unified to apply the same checkstyle rules for all modules....    Author: Volodymyr Vysotskyi , 2018-09-17, 18:41
[DRILL-6718] TPCH Queries hit IOB when running with the JPPD feature - Drill - [issue]
...Running TPCH SF100 queries on drill master commit  b895b28182a981e5948ffa292da827cb8b2e571e (DRILL-6385: Support JPPD feature). 9 queries hit IOB error, the stacks are similar, as follo...    Author: Dechang Gu , 2018-09-17, 16:37
[DRILL-6744] Support filter push down for varchar / decimal data types - Drill - [issue]
...Since now Drill is using Apache Parquet 1.10.0 where issue with incorrectly stored varchar / decimal min / max statistics is resolved, we should add support for varchar / decimal filter push...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2018-09-17, 13:43
[DRILL-786] Implement CROSS JOIN - Drill - [issue] jdbc:drill:schema=dfs> select, student.age, student.studentnum from student cross join voter where student.age = 20 and voter.age = 20;Query fa...    Author: Krystal , 2018-09-17, 12:53
[DRILL-5188] TPC-DS query16 fails - IllegalArgumentException: Target must be less than target count - Drill - [issue]
...TPC-DS query 16 fails with below Exception. Query 32, Query 92, query 95 also fail due to same Exception, on Drill 1.10.0 (commit ID: bbcf4b76) against SF1 data.Details from drillbit.log and...    Author: Khurram Faraaz , 2018-09-17, 09:08
[expand - 2 more] - Drill Tableau Live connection issue - Drill - [mail # user]
...I am using Drill 1.10I am using custom query with column casting in Tableau.With Drill driver ODBC v1.3.16  I am getting handshake failure for Activedirectory users whereas with local O...
   Author: Divya Gehlot , Andries Engelbrecht , ... , 2018-09-17, 03:41
[DRILL-6544] Allow timestamp / date / time formatting when displaying on Web UI - Drill - [issue]
...Query:select timestamp '2008-2-23 12:23:34' from (values(1));Expected result (from sqline):2008-02-23 12:23:34.0Actual result (from Drill UI):2008-02-23T12:23:34For documentationThree new se...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2018-09-16, 16:52
[DRILL-3853] Get off Sqlline fork - Drill - [issue]
...Drill has it's own forked version of sqlline that includes customizations for displaying the drill version, drill QOTD, removing names of unsupported commands and removing JDBC drivers not s...    Author: Parth Chandra , 2018-09-16, 16:45
[DRILL-6732] Queries are runnable on disable plugins - Drill - [issue]
...Queries are not allowed to run on disable plugins: (1.10 works fine, 1.13 and 1.14 has the same problem. Not checked for 1.11 and 1.12)1) It is not allowed2) the plugin rules cannot be appli...    Author: shuifeng lu , 2018-09-16, 16:41
[DRILL-1248] Add support for using aliases in group by - Drill - [issue]
...when I select using a function and alias the resultant function value it won't parse properly saying the alias is ambiguous. I know that this is a debatable / questionable topic, but with th...    Author: Jim Scott , 2018-09-16, 16:38